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All Destiny 2 Anti-Champion (2022) Exotic Weapons and Armor

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has a habit of adding anti-champion mods to every seasonal artifact. These mods typically add specific anti-champion rounds to specific weapon types and consume at least one energy slot on the armor.

For higher level PvE activities, Guardians need at least two anti-champion mods on their armor pieces to help stun other champions that appear during these activities. However, Destiny 2 has a significant number of exotic weapons and armor that come with intrinsic Anti-Champion perks. Not only does this open up new possibilities for weapon combinations, but it also gives Guardians more room to equip some other mods that might work well with their build.

With that being said, here are all the exotic weapons and armor with Anti-Champion’s intrinsic perks in the game.

All Destiny 2 exotics with Anti-Champion perks

Guardians will encounter three specific types of champions in Destiny 2. Each champion can be stunned with a mod or perk that matches their type. Below we have mentioned different types of champions and exotics with specific benefits of Anti-champions.

1) Barrier Masters

Barrier Champions are small mini-bosses that Guardians will encounter in Destiny 2. When they take 1/2 to 1/3 of their health damage, they will burst their shield. When this shield is active, they regain lost health. The only way to stop them from regenerating health and weakening is to stun them with an anti-barrier weapon. Exotics that do this are:

  • Arbalest (kinetic linear fusion rifle)
  • Wish-Ender (kinetic bow)
  • Lament (Solar Sword – Perk Anti-Barrier is only active when the sword is on)
  • Erian’s Vow (Sun Hand Cannon)
  • Second Chance (Titan Arms Exotic – Anti-Barrier Perk is active with Void Shield melee casting ability)

2) Unstoppable Champions

Unlike Anti-Barrier Champions in Destiny 2, Unstoppable Champions do not draw any additional shields. Instead, if they are not stunned, they will take much less damage and continue to charge at the Guardian. Unstoppable mod is required to stun them. Weapons and armor pieces with internal unstoppable perks are as follows:

  • Bastion (Arc Linear Fusion Rifle)
  • Malfeasance (Kinetic Hand Cannon)
  • Devil’s Ruin (Solar Hand Cannon)
  • Leviathan’s Breath (Void Bow)
  • Athyr’s Embrace (Hunter Arms Exotic – Solar Blades Stun Unstoppable Champions)

3) Overloaded champions

Without Anti-Overload mods, it’s challenging to trip overload champions. They don’t lose that much health, and if they aren’t spread out, it’s hard to take chunks out of their health bar because they constantly regenerate health quickly.

  • Divinity (ArcTrace Rifle)
  • The Monarch (Void Bow)
  • Thunderlord (Arc Machine Gun)
  • Secant Filaments (Warlock Exotic Boots – Reinforcing Fissures allow Overload Missiles)

In conclusion

These are all exotic weapons and armor that come with intrinsic Anti-Champion perks. Most of these weapons can be obtained from the Monument to Lost Light at the Tower.

Some weapons, such as the Malfeasance and Wish-Ender, have their own quests that Guardians will need to complete in order to unlock them. However, exotic armor can be obtained by completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors whenever they are in rotation.

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