The Young and the Restless Spoilers October 17-21

The Young and the Restless Spoilers October 17-21

Everyone wants the truth in the latest edition of The young and the restless spoilers from Monday October 17th to Friday October 21st. Nick wants this from Sally, especially regarding her status with Adam. Jill wants it from the Chancellor-Winters gang, who have a lot of explaining to do. And Jack and Nikki want it from Tucker, who, if you ask us, is about as likely to give it to them as he is to break into a rousing rendition of his mom’s “I’ll Live Until I Die.” And if you want the truth from us, it’s that if you keep reading, we’ll fill you in on the details of these trailers and more.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, October 14:

In Friday’s recap, Adam blows it off with Sally, Jack warns a defiant Ashley, and Elena leaves Nate for good!

Perhaps fearing that his sister won’t be smart enough to keep her ex at bay, Jack gives Ashley the third degree. Given how much is at stake, he might want to go all the way to the fourth tier. Yippee is there a fourth degree?

We suspect it will go about as well as asking for free rent. But still, Nate asks Elena for a second chance.

We doubt Nick will settle for “it’s complicated” when questioning Sally’s feelings for Adam. At this early stage in their budding romance, is “Nally” about to hit a snag?

Young & Restless week of October 17 spoilers:

Y&R Restless bragging! Hot Topics: Sally has a target on her back, Tucker’s real agenda, Elena’s departure and much more!

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, October 17:

Tucker Y&R

In tonight’s recap, Tucker enjoys a fight with Victoria and Summer takes on Nick and Sally! Read it here:

Why bother asking a liar about a liar? We can’t think of a reason, but Jack seems to believe there’s some point when he questions Tucker about his past with Diane.

When Sally makes up her mind about Adam, we have a feeling it will involve picking up the scandalous “Goodbye to You.”

Just as Sally comes to a crossroads with Adam, Sharon gives Nick unsolicited advice. Chance? Doubtful. Expect Sharon to put on her therapist hat and advise her ex that he really just got involved with another Phyllis.

A soap vet pays heartfelt tribute to a “dear woman and individual talent” who will be missed by us all.

Young & Restless Spoilers for Tuesday, October 18:

As in life, in business you must be ready to change things at a moment’s notice. After Nate’s confession to Lily and Devon, it’s not so shocking that he and Victoria have to adjust their game plan.

If Summer gives Sally a warning, it can only go along the lines of, “You break my dad’s heart, I’ll break your face.”

Although Devon and Lily are doing damage control at Chancellor-Winters, we have to wonder if the damage done by Nate is too much to be controlled.

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple! Rory Gibson (Noah) is engaged: ‘I’m in shock’ – but the best kind of shock!

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, October 19:

Jill returns home to chaos. Of course yes. Because fresh cut flowers and cupcakes are never hot out of the oven, right?

Yes! Adults act like adults! I like it: Adam and Chelsea put their differences aside to help Connor.

Hadn’t he had enough of confronting women about their feelings for Adam while he was married to Sharon? I guess not since Nick confronts Sally her feelings for his half brother. Nick, old pal, if you have any questions about ‘Ally’, our photo gallery of their romance can answer them all.

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, October 20:

When Nikki and Phyllis encourage Ashley to manipulate Tucker, someone gets hurt—and we suspect it won’t be Diane. (Our theory here.)

They couldn’t have turned to a more level-headed person: Mariah and Tessa look to Christine for advice.

Yes, yes, very smart of Diana to cover her tracks with Jack. But if she was really smart, wouldn’t she leave any traces to begin with?

Preview: “Diane will stop at nothing” to save her stash—even the last thing Tucker, Jack, us, someone expected!

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, October 21:

Nikki puts Tucker in the hot seat, which has to mean that at some point since his return to Genoa City, he got out of it at least briefly. We were starting to think the hot seat was the only place we’d ever seen him!

Knowing that Phyllis is sharing a secret with Lauren only makes us want to know what it is more.

After dealing with their mothers and now dealing with Nick’s involvement with their former tormentor Sally, Kyle and Summer deserve a break—and they get one when they go on a romantic getaway.

Join and raise a glass (or three) as we present a new and even more intoxicating version of the soap opera drinking game in the photo gallery below.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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