Best characters to use in Free Fire after the OB37 update (Image via Garena)

Top 5 Free Fire characters in OB37 version

Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale shooter with several unique features that make it even more exciting. The abilities of the characters in the game are among the aforementioned special features of the survival shooter supported by Garena, which make the game quite engaging.

Players gain an important tactical advantage with the help of game characters. However, every alternative is not valuable for Free Fire and its MAX variant. Some characters are better than others in the game due to their overpowered abilities and performance during matches.

Characters in Free Fire: The best alternatives to choose in the game after the OB37 update

1) Xayne – Xtreme Encounter

Since her addition to the game lineup, Xayne has been the best female character. However, her overpowered skill, Xtreme Encounter, makes her a contender for at least one of the top five characters in the game.

Xayne is a character with an active ability, so players can press the skill button on the HUD to get a 150 second cooldown. However, Xtreme Encounter’s effects make up for the gigantic CD time the ability offers during a match.

After pressing the ability button, players can gain 120 HP temporarily, which will decrease over six seconds. Additionally, Gloo Walls damage is also increased by 100% during activation, making Xayn a desirable character.

2) Skyler – Riptide Rhythm

Skyler is another popular choice among players due to her exceptional active skill called Riptide Rhythm. It offers two effects – a sound wave to destroy Gloo Walls and an HP recovery with Gloo Wall deployment – with a CD duration of 85 seconds.

It is possible to allow Riptide Rhythm to unleash a sonic wave that damages up to five enemy Gloo Walls within 50 meters. Additionally, players can instantly gain four HP restores if they deploy a Gloo Wall during activation.

3) Alok – Drop the Beat

The third entry on the list is Alok with his “Drop the Beat” ability active. He has been the most famous character among Free Fire fans since its launch, and the reason for his fame is justified.

One can activate the “Drop the Beat” ability and gain an immediate 10% agility buff. Increased movement speed is also associated with healing effects at a rate of five HP/second. One can gain tactical advantage from both effects for 10 seconds.

However, the two effects do not stack and can only be used one at a time. It means that players can get HP recovery while they are at rest. It also has a cooldown of 70 seconds, which can be reduced after upgrades.

4) Wukong-Camouflage

Wukong, referred to as the Monkey King, is another fan favorite with an ability called Camouflage. His unique survivability makes him a bush, which is advantageous for tricking and attacking enemies.

Players can move with 80% of their movement ability in bush form for 10 seconds unless they choose to fire their weapons during the activation period. However, the only disappointment for Wukong is its gigantic 300 second CD.

5) K – Master of All

K is among the characters that received balance changes in the OB37 patch, which resulted in nerfing the maximum EP increase and EP conversion rate for allies. At the same time, Psychology mode has improved with an increase in EP recovery.

Here are the two Master of All ability modes:

  1. Jiu-Jitsu Mode: Allies within six meters gain an improved EP to HP conversion rate of 300%.
  2. Psychological mode: Continuous gain of three EP for the player after every two second interval (up to 120 EP).

In addition to both modes, the maximum EP increase has been reduced from 50 to 20 points.

Disclaimer: The characters listed are not listed in any particular order and solely reflect the views of the author. Each ability is upgradeable after players acquire that Free Fire character.

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