'Super Mario' Movie Trailer Gets Chris Pratt Mass Laughter

‘Super Mario’ Movie Trailer Gets Chris Pratt Mass Laughter

Another trailer for the hotly anticipated super mario the film hit the internet; the movie looks gorgeous and surprisingly faithful to the wonderfully weird lore of the games. If there’s one criticism, it’s Chris Pratt’s “Mario” voice.

It’s become something of an internet tradition to pile on Chris Pratt after the release of a popular trailer (usually a Marvel movie). super mario the movie gave Pratt’s haters plenty of material.

Most of the voice actors we hear in the trailer match their characters perfectly; Charlie Day plays off Luigi’s angst, Anya Taylor-Joy is a soft-spoken, determined Peach, and Jack Black is obviously having a blast playing Bowser (and making an effort to create a gruff, distinctive voice).

On the other hand, Pratt says Mario’s little catchphrases using his regular voice, and it’s a little weird.

There’s nothing wrong with Pratt’s voice, exactly; the man has a “generic main character” energy, and that matches the essence of Mario, the empty vessel inhabited by the player. But it’s strange to hear Pratt’s voice emerge from such an iconic character.

Obviously, kids watching this movie won’t care – for them, Pratt will be Mario. A grown up on Twitter though super mario fans were not impressed.

But Pratt’s flat voice acting wasn’t the only inspiration for the pile. Over the years, Pratt has developed a reputation as a staunch conservative and evangelical Christian; at one point he was challenged by actor Elliot Page TwitterThey claim that Pratt belonged to a church that is “notoriously anti-LGBTQ”.

The church in question was said to be Hillsong Church, which views homosexuality as “sinful”. Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn once corrected the record on Twitter, insisting that Pratt didn’t deserve his bad reputation, while Pratt himself later claimed that he had never attended church and even described himself as a “non-believer.”

Marvel fans didn’t buy it and regularly post tweets and memes labeling Pratt as a homophobic MAGA zealot (for the record, Pratt has never made a disparaging comment about the LGBT community). After Mario trailer showed a Rainbow Road scene, Pratt’s haters took the opportunity to crack a hackneyed joke.

As for religion, Pratt’s Instagram is full of posts praising God; there is even a photograph of him dragging a large metal crucifix up a mountain, which appears to be a religious affair. At the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Pratt famously went on a long tangent about God, Jesus, and the power of prayer.

While he may never have attended Hillsong Church, Pratt mentioned in an interview that he plays golf with Chad Veach, pastor of Zoe Church. Veach previously told The New York Times that he modeled Zoe Church after Hillsong Church and was involved in the 2017 film. The heart of mana docudrama about “sexual brokenness” that links homosexuality to porn addiction and infidelity.

Pratt’s haters might be on to something. Or maybe they just find the actor annoying and the mass ridicule has become a joke.

Whether Chris Pratt is unfairly maligned or not, he’s not a good fit for Mario; the man should have practiced that voice before he got into the recording studio.

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