Spire of the Watcher Dungeon Guide - Destiny 2

Spire of the Watcher Dungeon Guide – Destiny 2

The Complete Spire of the Watcher Dungeon Guide in Destiny 2.

Dungeon Spire of the Watcher in Season of the Seraph’s is Destiny 2’s newest endgame offering. This activity challenges three players to tackle raid-like encounters, solve puzzles, and end a threat that has re-emerged on Mars. This guide will help you complete the Spire of the Watcher dungeon and will cover the ideal weapons, build and break down of every single encounter.

Spire of the Watcher dungeon guide

Spire of the Watcher launched on December 9, 2022 during the Season of the Seraph. The dungeon focuses on the pre-collapse secrets buried beneath Mars and the Golden Age contingency plan. Use the following links to go to the appropriate section:

The Master Spire of the Watcher is changing

  • Recommended power is 1610
  • Match game
  • Overloaded champions

Start the Guardian Tower

The Ares Desperado quest given by Ikora grants access to the Spire of the Watcher
Visit Ikora to pick up the Ares Desperado quest. You must also complete The Arrival mission from the Witch Queen campaign. This is a free mission for all players.
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Before starting Spire of the Watcher, you must visit Ikora Rey in the tower and collect the quest, Ares Desperado. You must also have completed The Witch Queen’s opening quest, The Arrival (free for all players). With the quest in your inventory and Arrival completed, you can start the Spire of the Watcher via Savathun’s Throne World. Look for the dungeon icon next to the Enclave.

Restore strength

The first encounter has one goal: to restore power. This is achieved by defeating the Conduit Minotaurs, getting the Arctrician buff, and shooting the nodes in the correct order to complete the node circuit.

  1. Defeat the Conduit Minotaur and stand in the pool it drops to get the Arctrician
  2. Trace the power cables from the center hatch to the generator
  3. Shoot the first generator node, follow the power cable to the next one, shoot it and repeat until you reach the last one
  4. Repeat this process until all four nodes are activated
Central power nodes in the Restore Power encounter
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When you first enter this small town area, find a large hatch and four power nodes. Cables connected to them lead to four generators. The starting node in the sequence has flashing white arrows next to it and is located at the generator.

Minotaur Pipes in the Watcher's Tower
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Upon defeat, Conduit Minotaurs will spawn and drop the Arctrician buff. This takes 30 seconds and allows nodes to be activated. Start with the node by the power generator and follow the cable to the next one. Nodes must be powered up sequentially, skipping a node or activating the wrong one will cause it to deactivate after a few seconds.

Activated energy node on the generator
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Activating all the nodes along the power cable will lock the Arc node on the central hatch. Once all four nodes are activated, you will be able to progress deeper into the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.

During this fight, the Cyclops will spawn along the ridgeline, while the Goblins and Harpies will swarm in the middle.

Ascend the Spire

As before, Conduit Minotaurs will drop Arctrician buffs that are used to charge nodes. Follow the cables, charge the nodes and defeat the Minotaurs as you climb the tower.

  1. Defeat Conduit Minotaurs for the Arctrician buff
  2. Activate the Arc Nodes one by one to charge the elevators
  3. Climb the tower to the top

The Ascend the Spire encounter is essentially the same as the previous one, albeit with the added challenge of climbing a tower. Find the starting nodes, defeat the Conduit Minotaur for its Arctrician buff, and start powering up the cables. Watch the cables wrap around the tower.

Once the set of nodes is charged, the elevator will take you to the next section. Repeat this process until you reach the top and find the reward chest.

Akelous, Siren current

Akelous the Siren's Current in the Spire of the Watcher dungeon
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The first Spire of the Watcher boss fight is against Akelous, the Siren current. Arctrician buffs are used again to charge the nodes, this time sending a current out to the ends of the wooden walkways to activate the fuel rod. When all four are activated, Akelous’s eyes can be damaged, followed by his core.

  1. Defeat the Conduit Minotaurs and take the Arctrician buff
  2. Charge the nodes, start in the middle and go out to the fuel rods
  3. Shoot Akelous’ eyes and then his center
  4. Repeat until Akelous is defeated

The arena where you fight Akelous has a central area and four walkways that lead up to the fuel rods. Nodes must be charged starting from the center to reach the damage phase. Find the Conduit Minotaurs, defeat them, take the Arctrician buff and start feeding the fuel rods.

When all four fuel rods are activated, Akelous will switch to one and the damage phase will begin. You must destroy his red eyes before his central cover becomes vulnerable. Up to 50 percent of his maximum health will be damaged per cycle.

Once the damage phase ends, Akelous will perform a massive concussion, throwing the player backwards and potentially off the edge. Prepare for this by sliding onto the wooden walkways or using abilities to get back to safety.

Persys, Primordial Ruin

The final boss in Spire of the Watcher, Persys Primordial Ruin
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The final boss in the Spire of the Watcher dungeon is Persys, Primordial Ruin. Like other encounters, arctic buffs are used to power nodes around the arena. This time, the goal is to activate the purge of the reactor core, which will leave Persys vulnerable.

  1. Defeat the Conduit Minotaurs and collect the Arctrician buff
  2. Activate the nodes to start cleaning the reactor core
  3. Retreat to the opposite room, activate the nodes on the pillars and the node above the door to close it
  4. When the door opens again, damage Persys and then repeat the process

The battle arena against Persys, Primordial Ruin is divided into two parts: the reactor room and the vault. The goal is to use arctic buffs to activate the nodes and start cleaning the reactor. At this point, retreat to the safe room where you can activate the nodes on the pillars and above the door to seal Persys. Once the reactor cleaning is complete, the boss will be vulnerable for a short time.

Find the Conduit Minotaurs, defeat them and start activating the nodes in the reactor core room. When the reactor is activated, the text will appear on the screen: Reactor cleaning approaching, seek security. At this point, retreat to the starting room.

Use the Arctrician buff to activate the nodes on the pillars and then the last one on top of the door. This closes Persys with the reactor. Once the cleaning is complete, the door will open and Persys will be vulnerable.

Dungeon Spire of the Watcher will be a decent struggle when players first dive into it in Destiny 2. However, you can earn some great loot and it’s one of the faster dungeons to complete, so expect to keep diving back in. rather soon! Check out our recommended dungeon map to see which other dungeons will net you some Pinnacle gear (or artifical armor). For more help on endgame content, check out our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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