There currently are no Rank rewards in Elden Ring

Fact Check: Are you getting rank rewards in Elden Ring’s PvP Colosseum?

The Elden Ring’s Colosseum update brought some incredible PvP features that players around the world are diving into and thoroughly enjoying. While many are curious about the best colossal builds to use in the game’s PvP mode, a few others are wondering if the new multiplayer feature gives players rank rewards for consistently doing well in PvP matches.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Elden Ring does not provide any Rank Rewards, regardless of how well a player does in competitive matches.

The Colosseum opened its doors. In Update 1.08, players can now engage in PvP Arena battles using Effigies of Marika located in each Coliseum lobby or Round Table Hold once you visit each location once.

Since there are currently five levels available in Elden Ring, your level will improve as you get more wins, but the game does not offer any rewards for reaching each of these individual levels.

However, that doesn’t mean FromSoftware won’t ever add a reward system and work on improving Colosseum’s features. In fact, many fans believe that the developers may introduce rewards for the latest PvP feature of the Elden Ring in upcoming updates and patches.

There are currently no ranking rewards in Elden Ring’s Colosseum

The reason many are hoping that Rank Rewards will make it to Elden Ring is the fact that even the bare minimum of Dark Souls 3 allows players to earn badges to show off their ranks in the 2016 game.

Fans were rewarded with badges based on their performance, and with the latest Elden Ring Colosseum update bringing five different tiers, it’s likely that the developers may be implementing a similar badge system in the near future. Currently, Colosseum PvP mode has three game modes which are Duels, United Combat and Combat Ordeal, each with its own separate ranking.

It is not yet known how matchmaking and MMR will work in the action RPG’s multiplayer mode. At this point, it’s safe to assume that the current PvP system is completely bare bones, and FromSoftware will likely improve and refine it in future updates. However, the more players win matches, the easier it will be for them to reach a higher rank.

Additionally, there are no titles currently attributed to the five levels in the game’s PvP mode, but banners could receive a visual boost at higher levels.

For example, in fifth place, players could display a gray and duller banner in the Elden Ring. Hopefully, FromSoftware will look to improve the system further in the RPG and introduce more matchmaking options and rewards to the popular Colosseum.

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