The Young and the Restless Spoilers January 2-6

The Young and the Restless Spoilers January 2-6

The year isn’t the only thing new at Young & Restless spoilers from Monday January 2nd to Friday January 6th. Included in the trailers are glimpses of new conflicts (stock up on aspirin, Victor!), new opportunities (tread carefully, Phyllis), new scheming (hate to say we said yes, Devon!), and new beginnings (for would-be moms-to-be “Teriah ” and not one or two but three pairs). And if you read on, we’ll finish the last of the bubbly and toast to what lies ahead!

Young & Restless week of January 2nd spoilers:

Y&R Restless bragging! Hot Topics: Sally’s pregnancy stunner, Tucker going to arrest and Young & Restless’ Report card 2022!

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, January 2:

In Monday’s recap, Sally is shocked by her pregnancy test results, Phyllis runs into Diane, and Mariah and Tessa await news.
Tessa Mariah Y&R

What day it isn’t this on Victor’s to-do list? He does damage control with Nick and Adam again. Will The Mustache ever file these relationships under “lost cases”?

It’s time. Sharon has been through so much, from losing Cassie to finding Mariah, from losing Dylan to… well, losing Rey too. Now the coffee therapist is finally ready to face her fears.

Is it time to start decorating the children’s room? While Mariah and Tessa wait for the life-changing news, we can only hope that they will have their own baby in the New Year.

A Heartbreaking Farewell: Join us as we pay tribute and remember the daytime vets who were taken from us in 2022.

Young & Restless Spoilers for Tuesday, January 3rd:

In Tuesday’s recap, Danny and Christine reunite, Billy reaches out to Lily, and Victoria opens up to Nate.
Victoria and Nate discuss the Y&R kids

The nostalgia turns up to 11 when Christine reunites with Danny. But the exes won’t just looking back Read what Michael Damian has to say about their meeting.

Ha – we called it that. Nate sees a new side to Victoria. Can this upheaval of the city of Genoa be far behind?

Chelsea shares words of wisdom with Billy. But as is always the question, will he be able not only to hear them, but also to accept them? He is known to be his own worst enemy. (See the evidence here.)

Young & Restless bomb! Victor is about to play dirty to lure Adam back into the fold – and cause collateral damage [Spoiler]!

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, January 4:

Phyllis gets an interesting offer. But from whom? Since she already has a new job, could she be asked out? And if so, who will be the man to help her move past her relationship with Jack?

Kyle is understandably concerned for Diana’s safety, a prospect made all the more fragile by what Michael Mealor recently told

As Devon and Abby resolve their unfinished business, will they decide to forget their disastrous attempt once and for all…or will they decide that maybe it didn’t happen just because they were both in a vulnerable state at the same time?

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, January 5:

Everyone needs a hobby, right? And because Diane stirs the pot, she causes friction between Jack and Ashley.

If these two get close, they will kiss! Will Daniel open up to Lily about his past, perhaps paving the way for him and his ex-wife to plan a new future together?

Devon reveals a secret about Tucker. Only one? Come on Devon, you’re not trying hard enough. Tucker has more secrets than Victor mustache combs.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday January 6:

Sally, an old pro at pulling people over, covers her tracks with Nick. Will her efforts be enough to secure a relationship with her ex-lover’s brother?

Sharon hooks up with Chance. Since there are no coincidences in Genoa City, we’re going to go out on a limb and deduce that this means they’re about to connect in a whole new way.

Do you want to bet that when Billy is faced with an important decision, will it be whether to try to save his relationship with Lily or forge a new path with Chelsea?

Check out all the wild and crazy happenings Young & Restless in 2022 with our brand new photo gallery, a massive recap of flight highs and lows.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason

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