Apple is set to unveil its mixed reality headset this spring |  Digital trends

Apple is set to unveil its mixed reality headset this spring | Digital trends

Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset could be unveiled just ahead of the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Apple’s headset, to be called “Reality Pro,” is likely to offer virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) capabilities, so users can immerse themselves in a virtual world or have digital data superimposed on images of the real world in real life time. .

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman — a reporter with a decent track record when it comes to Apple predictions — reported on Sunday that after a series of delays with the device since Apple decided to start developing it five years ago, the tech giant is currently “trying to unveil it this year in the spring before the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June.”

That matches comments late last week from usually reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, whose contacts in Apple’s supply chain led him to believe the device would go on sale either late in the second quarter or possibly sometime in the third quarter. means July to September.

In other words, a spring reveal would give Apple plenty of time to launch a massive marketing campaign ahead of sales months later.

And Kuo, like Gurman, also believes that Apple will hold an unveiling of the mixed reality headset in the spring, possibly during or just before WWDC.

Rendering of an Apple AR/VR headset Ian Zelbo

Gurman’s report also claims that Apple has already given the headset to “a small number of prominent software developers” for testing, so they can begin building third-party apps for the device. His report adds that the headset’s operating system is internally called “Borealis” but will be marketed as “xrOS”.

Apple was recently expected to unveil the headset at an event this month before shipping starts sometime around April-June. But due to what Kuo said were “issues with the testing of mechanical components and the availability of software development tools,” Apple’s engineers needed more time to address those challenges, and the company now appears to be targeting a spring unveiling , before the device ships several. a month later.

Whatever happens, it really does finally look like 2023 will be the year Apple launches its long-awaited mixed reality headset. Gurman adds that the company is “betting on the product as its hot new product for this year.” We can’t wait to see it.

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