'Don't show me': Nick Kyrgios' girlfriend disgusted after FaceTime act

‘Don’t show me’: Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend disgusted after FaceTime act

Nick Kyrgios’ girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi, remained unimpressed after a moment involving Kyrgios’ drug test in the documentary, The Tipping Point. (Getty Images)

The new tennis documentary on Netflix was already a talking point before the Australian Open and with one episode focused on Nick Kyrgios several fans they got more than they bargained for in office. Tipping Point was released on Friday with the first episode taking place behind the scenes at Kyrgios’ 2022 Australian Open campaign.

Kyrgios managed to lift his first Grand Slam doubles trophy last year when he teamed up with Thanasi Kokkinakis for glory. However, following their impressive semi-final victory against the No. 3 seed, Kyrgios was pulled aside for a random drug test.

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Cameras did not follow Kyrgios into the bathroom for privacy reasons, but his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi was left waiting for him outside.

“They’re doing a urine test right now,” Hatzi said to the camera. “He’s under 30ml so he needs to drink water all the time.” Kyrgios is then seen FaceTiming Hatzi during the ordeal as he admits to drinking more fluids.

“You just need to pan the water,” Hatzi tells him. However, Kyrgios then surprises Hatzi by switching the camera and showing her a urine sample.

Hatzi was clearly unprepared for the image and replied in disgust, “Ew, don’t show me that pee!” Hatzi then quips, “Yeah, she definitely needs to drink more water because it didn’t look too good.”

The episode follows Kyrgios as the Australian opens up about his mindset on the tour and how he decided to start focusing more on the sport in 2022 after leaving the pressure around his career.

“For my mental health, I could never be one of those players who play all year again. I couldn’t do that. I value my family, my loved ones, close friends and Cossie too much to put tennis before them. I don’t think it’s healthy.

“I don’t really have any expectations in my matches anymore. I just want to go there, have fun, take the pressure off and then we can try to live a more normal life. It’s much better this way, that’s for sure.”

Nick Kyrgios packed Rod Laver Arena

Before the Australian Open, Kyrgios and Novak Djokovic sold out the Rod Laver area when they played in a charity match.

While the match was played in good spirits, both Kyrgios and Djokovic headed into the warm-up under clouds of injury. However, the nine-time Australian Open winner showed no signs of the hamstring problem that has plagued him this month and repeatedly played to the crowd during the hilarious charity bash.

Novak Djokovic (pictured) at the Arena Showdown charity match.

Novak Djokovic (pictured) at the Arena Showdown charity match. (Photo credit to Chris Putnam/Future Publishing via Getty Images)

Kyrgios withdrew from the recent United Cup and Adelaide International with knee and ankle complaints and has not played a serious match since late last year.

But Australia’s best player – the host country’s best shot at the next Open after that Ash Barty’s win to break the drought last year – he moved well against Djokovic in a positive sign for his hopes of going deep into the second week.

Djokovic, who beat Kyrgios in last year’s Wimbledon final and is in Melbourne for a quarter-final clash with the local fireman, praised the 19th seed, who will face world No.98 Roman Safiullin in the first round.

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