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The 7 strongest non-ultimate hero abilities in Overwatch 2

As a heroic multiplayer shooter, Overwatch 2 offers enough gameplay diversity and variety to appeal to all kinds of players. This is evident in its distinct heroes, each of which has one of three roles: Tank, DPS, and Support. They also have unique abilities that bring something new to the table.

However, as always, some heroes and their abilities are better than others. Here’s a look at some of the best and most powerful abilities in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author only. It doesn’t include Ultimates, but pretty much everything else.

7 abilities that make their heroes some of the best characters in Overwatch 2

1) Teleport (Symmetra)

Traversal can often turn the tide of battle in Overwatch 2, and DPS hero Symmetra has a trick up his sleeve in this regard.

The lightbending scientist has as one of her key abilities a teleporter that creates a portal from her point to a destination. This allows her to climb up to vantage points or bypass unsuspecting enemies. Her allies can also use teleport for the short time it is active. This basically allows the entire team to surprise the opponent when used correctly.

2) Assault configuration (Bastion)

Want to blast through enemies in seconds in Overwatch 2? Try Bastion. The offensive configuration of this small DPS class bot is deadly, especially when it catches enemies off guard. A powerful spin cannon quickly wipes DPS and supports and even handles tanks with ease.

Although Bastion is tankier than normal, Bastion’s movement is somewhat slow in this configuration. It also inflates the bot’s hitbox, making it an easy target for out-of-range enemies like snipers.

3) Take A Breather (Roadhog)

Roadhog is undoubtedly one of the best and funniest heroes in Overwatch 2. It’s not just his massive health pool and powerful shotgun that make him a threat to deal with, but also his Chain Hook that can pull in enemies for an almost instant kill .

However, none of this would be possible without solid survivability, and his Take A Breather ability is what allows him to put a big T in Tank. Not only does it heal a huge chunk of his health, but it also gives him damage reduction to withstand incoming hits.

This way, a competent Roadhog doesn’t necessarily rely on a healer to get the most out of it.

4) Defense Matrix (D.Va)

Tanky but nimble D.Va is a surprisingly versatile tank that can apply pressure with quick back dives into enemy territory. She can also play a good defensive game thanks to her Defense Matrix ability.

Activated by pressing a button, D.Va can block all projectile damage, including Ultimates (like Zarya’s Graviton Surge). Coupled with his diving abilities, he can eat a swarm of enemy projectiles while crawling through their ranks for a nice self-destruction.

5) Diversion (Genji)

If D.Va’s Defense Matrix is ​​to be used defensively, DPS hero Genji’s Deflect is its offensive counterpart.

As D.Va absorbs the projectiles to render them useless, Genji deflects them towards the attacker. This is especially deadly against Assault Configuration or projectile Ultimates like Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor. His positioning both offensively and natural defensive ability puts him a step ahead of D.Va’s moveset in Overwatch 2.

6) Protecting Suzu (Kiriko)

One of the newest heroes in the Overwatch universe, Kiriko is a support that can attack and heal. While she can instantly teleport to nearby allies, her most useful ability is Protection Suzu.

This ability fires an orb at the target, making them temporarily invincible. It’s useful to save a friend from death, including Ultimates against a team (if allies are grouped, as it affects nearby teammates as well).

While it’s true that Baptiste’s Immortality Field lasts longer, it can be destroyed, often instantly, by DPS characters with a high rate of fire. Protection Suzu is better because it serves a different purpose: it makes most negative status effects ineffective, including anti-heal, which prevents targets from healing. This makes Kiriko a must against enemies with Anna or Junker Queen on their team.

7) Sleep Dart (Ana)

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