Days of Our Lives spoilers January 23 - February 3

Days of Our Lives spoilers January 23 – February 3

We have the latest Days of our lives spoilers from Monday January 23rd to Friday February 3rd Marlena encounters a familiar face in the heavenly setting while John and Roman are shocked by Steve’s new plan. Plus, Gabi manipulates Li while Chanel and Johnny confront their lingering feelings, and an unintended victim falls into Stefan’s revenge plan!

Days of our lives week of January 23 spoilers:

Days of our lives spoilers for Monday January 23rd:

In tonight’s recap, Marlena dies and finds herself in a strange place, Johnny punches Tripp, and Eric drowns his sorrows.

Allie wasn’t thrilled to hear that Channel’s girlfriend almost shared a kiss with ex-husband Johnny. Now she wants answers… and probably assurances that it won’t happen again!

As Tripp continues to struggle over the loss of Kayla and Ava, Wendy is there to offer him comfort.

Alison Sweeney shares LA street rescue with happy ending: “You should have seen me running down the sidewalk… It was crazy.”

Days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday, January 24:

Susan, all in white, holds a clipboard and puts her arms around Marlena.  Marlena holds an orange drink with an umbrella and looks at Susan in confusion.

In tonight’s recap, Marlena gets a diabolical surprise in heaven while John wonders how to get on without Doc.

Eric needs comfort and Sloan is there with open arms to provide it. Are these two serious?

Even after talking to Johnny and Channel, Allie still isn’t sure how she feels. Will advice from Alex, who knows something about these situations, hurt or help?

Paulina visits Stephanie in hopes of hiring her as she prepares for a big battle against Sloan. How ugly will it get?

Here’s what to learn as Brandon Barash (Stefan), his new wife and General HospitalKirsten Storms teaches a master class in how to co-parent happily.

Days of our lives spoilers for Wednesday, January 25:

Gabi swings a Phoenix statue behind Stefan.  He looks dazed and staggers out of DiMera's wet bar.

In tonight’s recap, Gabi knocks out Stefan who spikes EJ’s drink. Additionally, Sloan interrupts Eric and Nicole and Chanel confesses to Allie.

Brace yourself, Li, because EJ is about to hit you with a bomb! Meanwhile, Gabi gets both an apology and a pep talk when Wendy—feeling guilty about her part in things—encourages her to go see Stefano!

Apparently not satisfied with the answers she received earlier this week, Allie goes to Channel and demands answers regarding her relationship with Johnny.

The apple didn’t fall far from this family tree… Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) introduces “the world’s cutest grandson” — and OMG! The hair!

Days of our lives spoilers for Thursday, January 26:

Allie opens up to Alex about Chanel, while Chanel and Johnny have a frank discussion about their lingering feelings for each other.

Stefan’s plan for revenge ensnares an unwitting victim. Meanwhile, Gabi finds out that she has to hide an unconscious person. (Luckily, he has more than a little experience in that department!)

Pop your corn and sit back and watch Nicole and Sloan get mad at each other. Which of Eric’s women will be victorious?

Days of our lives spoilers for Friday, January 27:

Sloan leaves a bad impression on Roman.

Proving that she’s a woman who knows how to get what she wants, Gabi manipulates Li!

Nicole suggests that she and EJ take things to the next level – where his bedroom is located. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s been drugged!

Allie’s worst nightmare seems to be coming when she finds Johnny and Channel in each other’s arms!

Days of our lives week of January 30 spoilers:

Days of our lives spoilers for Monday, January 30:

Stefan receives an unexpected call from Vivian.

Li wants to know what game Gabi is playing.

Jack returns to Salem and gives Gwen an ultimatum.

Xander makes sure Leo keeps his mouth shut.

Days of our lives Spoilers for Tuesday, January 31:

Rolf prepares to deprogram the resistant Stefan.

Jack encourages Chad to find love again.

Alex hopes that Stephanie might forgive him and prepares to make amends.

Sarah pressures Xander to sign their divorce papers.

Days of our lives spoilers for Wednesday February 1st:

Bonnie tries to talk Sarah into divorcing Xander.

Gabi fears that her plan to deprogram Stefan has failed.

Xander learns of Gwen’s sacrifice for him.

Chad pours his heart out to Stephanie.

Days of our lives spoilers for Thursday, February 2:

Stephanie and Chad look forward to seeing the next phase of their relationship unfold.

Xander and Gwen try to figure out where they stand.

Wendy catches Alex sneaking out of Allie’s bedroom.

Paulina encourages Chanel to reconcile with Allie.

Days of our lives spoilers for Friday, February 3:

Steve stuns John and Roman with his plan for Orfeo.

Kate runs into an old enemy while Kayla is reunited with a loved one.

Marlena, Kayla and Kate struggle with their fate.

Sarah is revolted when she finds out that Xander spent the night with Gwen.

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