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The Morning After: ‘Diablo Immortal’ comes with loot boxes | Engadget

Until you live in certain countries, you will be able to play Blizzard’s latest Diablo game on mobile devices, consoles and PCs from today. Immbloal Diablo in fact, he sneaked into a smartphone the day before and offers waves of monsters and skill enhancements that fans will fall in love with. However, this is mitigated by loot boxing mechanics, which means you will probably have to pay to ensure that your barbarian or magician finishes by the end of the game.

Like many loot box systems, it’s intentionally messy: you’ll pay for combs for the opportunity (with varying probabilities) to get powerful gemstone supplements – with varying degrees of performance. Igor Bonifacic from Engadget played Immortal for a week and thinks there’s a good game – especially for die-hard Diablo fans. But, yikes, loot boxes.

– Mat Smith

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Part of a $ 500 million total investment.

Porsche is strengthening its relationship with Rimac, which makes EV supercars, by investing “eight-digit numbers” in a total ownership stake of 20 percent. The company has become a key supplier and collaborator on EVs manufactured by Hyundai, Porsche and other traditional car manufacturers.

Last year, Rimac set up a joint venture with Porsche to run Bugatti after Volkswagen transferred ownership. A new entity called Bugatti Rimac recently introduced the hyperac Rimac Nevera EV with 1,914 horsepower. The price of TB, however, is likely to cause a heart attack.

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It covers 180 kilometers of Shark Bay in Australia.

Shark Bay, Australia’s World Heritage Site, serves as the home of animals that feed on its thriving seagrass. It turns out that seagrass, called Poseidon’s ribbon weed, or Posidonia australisis the only ancient plant that has been cloned for 4,500 years.

Researchers from the University of Western Australia and Flinders University have found seagrass stretching more than 180 kilometers (112 miles) – the size of Cincinnati, Inc. The New York Times notes – Shark Bay is just one plant.

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Rather, you will drive the new GLC only with hybrid drive.


Mercedes is finally ready to show the finished version of its hybrid hypercar. The standard Mercedes-AMG One now features a 1,063-horsepower Formula 1 hybrid powertrain with a supercharged 1.6-liter V6 engine and four electric motors. The first customers should get their Mercedes-AMG One cars in the second half of 2022. Not that you want to buy it – all production models were talked about despite the price tag of $ 2.7 million.

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The new games will include cooperation for four players.

Pokémon Scarlet and violet, another major item in the long-running RPG series Game Freak, will arrive at Nintendo Switch on November 18, The Pokémon Company. In addition to containing new creatures to catch, the two games will feature four-player multiplayer, allowing you and your friends to experience a new region of the game together. Game Freak promises Pokémon Scarlet and violet will feature his first true open-world experience after a spin-off title Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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