Preview 'Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak': more monsters, more hunting

Preview ‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’: more monsters, more hunting

Mour Hunter is what I say in the best possible way, the game Ronseal – RPG does exactly what it says on the can. Since its worldwide breakthrough with the year 2018 WorldCapcom did even better by reducing faff and getting players directly into the main event Monster Hunter Rise it simplified it to an almost arcade variant, where some hunts could end in less than ten minutes, although they were still given the maximum 50 minutes typical of the series. This may be more appropriate for a flexible system like Switch, but of course it comes to criticism from major fans accustomed to a bigger challenge.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is then exactly what the doctor ordered: a massive expansion that will move from the Japanese-inspired village of Kamura to the more medieval Elgada, but also not afraid to bump you in the ass and see other hunters riding (community jargon when ‘KO’d from the monster before the scene cuts to the cat that takes your wheelchair body back to camp).

As an expansion that can only be accessed when players beat Rise‘s campaign, it should come as no surprise that new Master Rank expansion quests don’t have to throw out a celebrated mass puppet for your first hunt. Then again, in this practical exercise, we were thrown to a deep end by embarking on a four-star Master Rank hunt. And even over 100 hours Rise it’s been a few months since last year since my last visit, so I was a little rusty and re-introduced my main weapons Long Sword and Hunting Horn on the hill Sunbreaknew mechanics.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Credit: Capcom.

However, this hunt was the perfect opportunity to confront the new monster Lunagaron, something like a cross between a dragon and an ice werewolf. The last description is certainly in line with the haunting vibrations in the new map of the Citadel, complemented by the ruins of a Gothic castle surrounded by an ominous purple aura, although it is a completely different place when the sun rises.

Simply put, Lunagaron hits hard. This is especially true when its ice elements come into effect, adding a new layer of armor to its already tough scales, and when you stand on two legs, its front claws can hit you and tear off more than half of your health. Alas, this animal let me run for 30 minutes before all my three lives were exhausted. But being pounded and learning from your mistakes is exactly what you want from a new monster.

I did better on the second hunt of the demonstration, perhaps because the beating from Lunagaron acclimatized me again, but also because it was in a more familiar area, which takes place on the Sandy Plains map from Rise and against the returning monster Seregios. Not that Monster Hunter 4 UltimateWyvern’s flagship is a walk, especially her attack, which fires scales like projectiles that can cause the dreaded bleeding condition. I also had to deal with Diablos wandering the map and just like in Rise, you can expect up to three monsters to roam the map at once, although you can use them against each other. In this area, the expansion has also made it easier to assemble and temporarily control weakened monsters by allowing you to start a ride on a mere basic attack.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.  Credit: Capcom.
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Credit: Capcom.

Thanks to this new hunt, I also teamed up with an artificial intelligence hunter, Master Arlow in Elgad’s Arena, while I still had my companions Palico and Palamute at hand. I can’t say it was too obvious a difference, perhaps because Arlow kept his distance as a Gunlance hunter, but he proved his worth by adding a few much-needed heals when I found out I had knocked down one too much. times tough monsters.

Fortunately, unlike other human players, AI hunters do not share your fund of lives, so there is no big deal when Arlow gets a KO, although a period of cooling will follow before he returns to action. These should not be considered a substitute for hunting with other players, which has always been the basis of the game Monster hunter experience because AI hunters are only available in new quests for followers. These are essentially optional side tasks, but they are still tightened up Sunbreak‘s characters, not just celebrated quest donors.

While the appeal of the new expansion lies in the more powerful equipment that can be made from all the bodies of the monsters you fell (remember, you can also capture them, which is a faster and more humane way to end the hunt), it wasn’t something I managed immerse. to during this preview. However, I was able to sample the new switching skills added for each of the 14 weapon types, including the new Silkbind Attacks, which use a wirebug gauge. Where hunters used to be able to customize their switching skills to suit their style of play, you can now set up two different switching options and then switch between them on the fly. The required inputs don’t make it exactly intuitive at first, although the additional user interface at the bottom of the screen will help you keep track of all the different inputs and whenever they change, whether you’re holding a ZL or just exchanging skills.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.  Credit: Capcom.
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Credit: Capcom.

I admit that it was a bit overwhelming to try to handle it all during the demonstration session without being trampled by a raging monster, so I found myself returning to the reliable Silkbind Long Sword rebound attack that was already in the base game. Still, I think hunters will be eager to delve deeper into the intricacies of each new switching skill, whether it’s exchanging skills in the middle of a combo or avoiding to look like a real villain.

Based on these hunts Sunbreak is formed so that there is more to what fans want: more Monster hunter To help you with money, with more mechanics that should confuse you, which should get veterans to look for new strategies. It definitely made me give Lunagaron one more time, overcoming my assigned hands-on session. But that’s what monster hunting, the pull and the satisfaction that come with another hunt, and hundreds of hours have passed before you know it.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is released on June 30 for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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