The demons ax four after the first defeat;  Freo lost three for Settlement # 1: Round 12 teams

The demons ax four after the first defeat; Freo lost three for Settlement # 1: Round 12 teams

Melbourne eliminated four players in response to its first loss of the season.

Sam Weideman’s time on and off the AFL continues, with the striker dropping in favor of Tom McDonald.

The party is also strengthened by the return of regular players Ed Langdon and Christian Salem before Saturday’s match against Sydney at MCG.

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Fremantle will be without three of his weapons due to injuries, while Matt Taberner, Michael Walters and Heath Chapman will be out of the game, which will face the Brisbane Lions on Sunday.

The Lions, meanwhile, named Hugh McCluggage after the shooter missed a match with a paralysis problem.

Geelong and Western Bulldogs will both be strengthened by some key comebacks, with Gary Rohan and Rhys Stanley returning to the side.

The Dogs regained Bailey Smith after missing a match last week due to illness.

The Gold Coast will be in Saturday’s game against North Melbourne without striker Levi Casboult, but will bring Jy Farrar and Sam Daye.

Ben McKay returns to North Melbourne after a media injury.

Swans can’t lift Buddy ‘s ban 00:23



Friday, June 3, 7:50 PM at Marvel Stadium


B: E. Richards, R. Gardner, T. O’Brien

HB: C.Daniel, A.Keath, B.Dale

C: B. Williams, J. Macrae, A. Scott

HF: B.Smith, B.Khamis, T.Liberatore

F: M.Bontempelli, A.Naughton, C.Weightman

FOLLOWING: T.English, J.Dunkley, A.Treloar

I / C: R. West, T.Duryea, R. McComb, L. McNeil

EMG: L.Cleary, M.Wallis, D.Bedendo, J.Sweet

IN: B.Smith

OUT: J.Sweet (omitted), L. Cleary (alternate)


B: T. Stewart, S. De Koning, T. Atkins

HB: J. Kolodjashnij, M. Blicavs, Z. Guthrie

C: M. Duncan, C. Guthrie, I. Smith

HF: G.Miers, J.Cameron, G.Rohan

F: B.Close, T. Hawkins, T. Stengle

FOLLOWING: R. Stanley, B. Perfitt, J. Selwood

I / C: J. Bews, M. O’Connor, C. Stephen, Z. Tuohy

EMG: Q.Narkle, M.Knevitt, L.Dahlhaus, S.Neale

IN: G. Rohan, R. Stanley

OUT: S.Neale, F.Evans (both omitted), Q.Narkle (alternate)


Saturday, June 4, 1:45 PM in Adelaide Oval


B: W. Hamill, N. Murray, P. Parnell

HB: B. Smith, T. Doedee, J. Dawson

C: J.Hately, B.Keays, J.Soligo

HF: W.Miler, R.Thilthorpe, J.Rowe

F: S.McAdam, T.Walker, L.Murphy

FOLLOWING: R.O’Brien, R.Laird, S.Berry

I / C: D.Fogarty, N.McHenry, M.Crouch, M.Hinge

EMG: C. Jones, B. Frampton, H. Schoenberg, B. Cook

IN: P.Parnell, T.Walker

OUT: J.Butts (injured), L.Brown (HS Protocol), C.Jones (sub)


B: S.Hurn, T. Barrass, H. Edwards

HB: A.Witherden, J. McGovern, L.Duggan

C: A. Gaff, T. Kelly, J. Nelson

HF: J. Cripps, J. Darling, C. West

F: J. Waterman, J. Kennedy, S. Petrevski-Seton

FOLLOWING: C. Jamieson, J. Redden, L. Shuey

I / C: B.Hough, I.Winder, B.Williams, G.Clark

EMG: L.Foley, J.Rotham, H.Dixon, P.Naish

IN: S.Hurn

OUT: J.Jones (injured), J.Rotham (alternate)


Saturday, June 4, 4:35 PM at TIO Stadium in Darwin


B: W. Powell, S. Collins, C. Graham

HB: J. Farrar, C. Ballard, C. Budarick

C: L. Weller, T. Miller, B. Ellis

HF: B.Ainsworth, S.Day, N.Anderson

F: I.Rankine, M.Chol, N.Holman

FOLLOWING: J.Witts, M.Rowell, D.Swallow

I / C: A.Davies, J.Jeffrey, O.Markov, M.Rosas

EMG: J. Sharp, C. Burgess, C. Constable, J. Tsitas

IN: J. Farrar, S.Day

OUT: L.Casboult (injured), J.Sharp (omitted), C.Constable (alternate)


B: L. McDonald, B. McKay, A. Corr

HB: B. Scott, J. Waller, K. Turner

C: T. Powell, L. Davies-Uniacke, F. Perez

HF: J. Horne-Francis, N. Larkey, P. Curtis

F: T. Xerri, J. Ziebell, J. Anderson

FOLLOWING: T.Goldstein, J.Simpkin, T.Thomas

I / C: C. Taylor, La.Young, H. Greenwood, K. Hayden

EMG: J.Stephenson, A. Bosavavulagi, J. Archer, M. McGuinness

IN: B.McKay

OUT: C.Zurhaar (injured), J.Mahony (alternate)


Saturday, June 4, 7:25 PM in MCG


B: J. Bowey, A. Tomlinson, H. Petty

HB: J.Harmes, J.Lever, J.Hunt

C: A. Brayshaw, J. Viney, E. Langdon

HF: L.Jackson, T.McDonald, C.Petracca

F: B. Fritsch, B. Brown, C. Spargo

FOLLOWING: M.Gawn, C.Oliver, K.Pickett

I / C: C. Salem, J.Jordon, A.Neal-Bullen, T.Sparrow

EMG: T. Bedford, J. Melksham, T. Rivers, M. Brown

IN: A. Tomlinson, J. Harmes, E. Langdon, T. McDonald, C. Salem

OUT: T.Bedford, S. Weideman, T.Rivers, J. Melksham (all omitted), S.May, L.Dunstan (alternate)


B: C. O’Riordan, D. Rampe, T. McCartin

HB: J. Lloyd, P. McCartin, O. Florent

C: N.Blakey, C.Mills, E.Gulden

HF: C. Warner, I. Heeney, J. McInnerney

F: T. Papley, L. McDonald, J. Amartey

FOLLOWING: P. Ladhams, L. Parker, J. Rowbottom

I / C: S. Reid, R. Fox, S. Wicks, W. Hayward

EMG: B.Campbell, H.McLean, B.Ronke, D.Stephens

IN: N. Blakey, J. Amartey

OUT: L. Franklin (suspended), M. Roberts, B. Campbell (both omitted)


Sunday, June 5, 2:10 PM in MCG


B: W.Day, B.Hardwick, J.Impey

HB: C.Jiath, J. Sicily, H.Morrison

C: L. Bramble, J. Newcombe, C. Macdonald

HF: L. Shiels, D. Moore, J. O’Meara

F: L.Breust, M.Lewis, S.Butler

FOLLOWING: J. Koschitzke, T. Mitchell, C. Wingard

I / C (from): D.Howe, J.Gunston, D.Grainger-Barras, N.Reeves, C.Nash, J.Callow, J.Morris, K.Hartigan

IN: J. O’Meara, J. Gunston, N. Reeves, J. Callow, J. Morris, K. Hartigan

OUT: J.Scrimshaw (injured), S.Frost (suspended), F.Maginness (alternate)


B: B. Maynard, D. Moore, J. Howe

HB: I. Quaynor, N. Murphy, S. Pendlebury

C: J. Crisp, P. Lipinski, J. Noble

HF: N.Daicos, B.Mihoček, J.Daicos

F: J. Elliott, D. Cameron, T. Adams

FOLLOWING: M.Cox, J.De Goey, S.Sidebottom

I / C (from): T.Brown, O.Henry, T.Ruscoe, R.McInnes, B.McCreery, W.Hoskin-Elliott, J.Ginnivan, I.Chugg

IN: T.Ruscoe, R.McInnes, I.Chugg

OUT: Nile


Sunday, June 5, 5:20 p.m. at Optus Stadium


B: H.Young, A.Pearce, G.Logue

HB: B.Cox, L.Ryan, B.Walker

C: B. Acres, A. Brayshaw, J. Clark

HF: D.Tucker, W. Brodie, T. Colyer

F: D. Mundy, R. Lobb, L. Schultz

FOLLOWING: S.Darcy, J.Aish, C.Serong

I / C (from): M.Frederick, N.Wilson, C.Blakely, L.Meek, B.Banfield, M.Crowden, E.Hughes, N.Erasmus

IN: N.Wilson, C.Blakely, L.Meek, M.Crowden, E.Hughes, N.Erasmus

OUT: M.Taberner, M.Walters, H.Chapman (all injured)


B: D. Gardiner, H. Andrews, M. Adams

HB: B. Starcevich, D. Rich, D. Zorko

C: J.Berry, Z.Bailey, H.McCluggage

HF: C.Rayner, E.Hipwood, L.McCarthy

F: D.Fort, D.McStay, C.Cameron

THE FOLLOWING: O. McInerney, J. Lyons, L. Neale

I / C (from): D.Robertson, C.Ah Chee, T.Berry, K.Coleman, J.Prior, T.Fullarton, R.Mathieson, N.Answerth

IN: H.McCluggage, T.Berry, T.Fullarton, R.Mathieson

OUT: M. Robinson (alternate)

Carlton, Essendon, GWS, Port Adelaide, Richmond and St Kilda say goodbye this week.

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