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Diablo Immortal Microtransactions Explains: Is it a paid game?

If you want to increase (or guarantee) the chances of getting high-value items, you’ll need to customize the Elder Rifts you visit with items known as “combs.” Basically, these ridges are “inserted” into the Elder Rift before you enter the zone. Along with increasing your chances of gaining a certain loot, they also add random modifiers to the Elder Rift that can make them easier, more difficult or simply differentiate than they otherwise would be. The more ridges you add to the Elder Rift, the more you change its distribution and the probability of prey.

You will mostly use the coats of arms in Elder Rifts to obtain legendary gems. Those gems are incredibly powerful items that offer your character general buffs and increase the effectiveness of some of her specific skills / attacks. Anyone interested in optimizing their character will need to get as many legendary gems as possible to find the ones they need.

That’s where the problems begin. Legendary gems can be obtained in several ways. For example, you can buy them for platinum at the market, you can make them with runes and platinum, you can get them as a reward in Battle Pass (more on that in a moment), or you can trade with Fading Embers or Handles (two relatively rare items) to special traders in exchange for them.

Generally speaking, the most reliable way to obtain legendary gems is to use rare and legendary ridges on Elder Rifts. Rare ridges increase the probability of a legendary gem falling in the Elder Rift by 10%, while legendary ridges guarantee that one will fall (along with the other rewards / benefits of loot that these items offer). Although these coats of arms can be obtained in the game via Battle Pass or as very, very rare game rewards, the easiest way to get these coats of arms is to use Eternal Orbs (or “real money”).

I know it’s a lot of weird information to process (which seems intentional), but the basic idea is that anyone who wants to regularly earn Legendary Gems and other precious Elder Rift items will be able to significantly increase their chances of getting them to spend real money for combs. You can increase your chances of getting Fading Embers (which can be exchanged for legendary gems) from Elder Rifts by partying with someone who uses combs, but if you want to benefit from the increased (or guaranteed) drop rate of the legendary gem item, you must enter comb into the crack yourself. In a moment, we will dive into the consequences of this system a little more.

Diablo Immortal offers various cosmetic microtransactions

You probably already know that, but Immbloal Diablo offers a variety of beauty items that can be purchased for real money. The initial offer of cosmetics is quite limited, but each piece of clothing purchased will cost you $ 15 to $ 25, depending on how much Eternal Orb you decide to buy and how you decide to spend it (bulk purchases change the prices of individual items somewhat).

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