The first part of the AFL mid – season report: the premier desire for guilty pleasures Jonathan Horn

Winter is here. The demons have finally been knocked down, a few undersides are abnormally bad, Buddy has scored over a thousand goals, and Kane Cornes has found 100,000 things to object to. Starting with the top eight, here is an overview of how your team is doing in the middle of the 2022 season.


At Saturday’s half, they crossed to win the 18th in a trot.

Unlike some great teams over the last 20 years, Dees 2022 will not crush the opposition or try to show. It just dials as needed. Gawn, Petracca and Oliver draw three votes each week.

But then they changed their name, Langdon injured his ribs, Petracca fell ill, May suffered a concussion, and Fremantle was furious. The 10-goal dose of the Dockers will change a lot in the competition. Did the castles work Melbourne? Did they put the premiere race on its head? The fact is, the Dees had a day off. They had excuses. Their opponents played like leather. Melbourne hasn’t warmed up yet, but they’re still a clear number one.

The best and fairest: Clayton Oliver


This is probably the closest Brisbane to the flag since 2004. They were a bit apathetic in Geelong and Launceston, but they can brighten up football, especially at Gabba, where they are almost invincible at home and away. . In recent years, they have had a good run with injuries, but in 2022 they are beginning to bite, especially forward. They also start to miss goals. Their other four rivals are Fremantle (outdoors), St Kilda, Melbourne (outdoors) and Western Bulldogs. Then we will have a much clearer picture.

The best and fairest: Lachie Neale


They came up with two wet losses when they lost about 25 percentage points and suffered the wrath of their normally motionless coach. But it’s hard to remember Fremantle, who played better than the one that unleashed late Saturday afternoon – perhaps in the opening quarter of the elimination final in 2012 or in the qualifying and preparation final the following year. They are defensive, well-trained, have an even distribution of contributors and will soon welcome back the two-time medalist from Brownlow. However, on a difficult track, you would not support them with the money of your worst enemy.

The best and fairest: Andrew Brayshaw

Saint Kilda

The Saints didn’t have a great summer. Coffield tore up the ACL and Clark, Billings, Geary and Ryder were all injured. In the first round she was the same with them. They looked one-tiered and indistinct. The only real source of excitement was the former ruined concrete worker. But since then, they have exceeded all expectations. They are a great team in the second half, which overtakes Fremantle, Richmond, Geelong and GWS after the main break. However, digging 4-18 in the tropics can prove costly. And their journey home is difficult, with eight matches against the top eight teams.

The best and fairest: Jack Sinclair and Jack Steele

Jack Steele of the Saints.
Jack Steele of the Saints. Dylan Burns / AFL Photos / Getty Images


The Herald Sun recently had the audacity to suggest that Carlton is the ideal second team to support. It was a comical suggestion for every Victorian over the age of 35. But they are a guilty pleasure. They’re the best story, it’s the best team to watch, and when it really hums, it’s probably the hardest to face. The old men can’t get enough of them – tough competition, uncomplicated game plan and great opportunities ahead. It’s old school football.

But cracking AC Jacob Weitering is a huge blow. It calms them down, straightens them and often saves the situation. It is almost never overcome. On Sunday, they looked deserted without him. As Jones rejects the stabbing and McKay, McDonald’s, McGovern and everyone else with Scottish ancestors are currently unavailable, they may be at a turning point.

The best and fairest: Patrick Cripps


Modern legs change every few months. But Geelong is a big constant. You can set a watch for them. Nevertheless, Cats affect us a lot. Impressing your fans requires a lot. As always, it won’t go away. They are an audit of the competition. They save the parties to sleep. They put a lot of their fans to sleep. And they’re not really doing so badly. They lost three matches by less than two goals. They uncovered a star in De Koning. But Dangerfield just can’t get his body in order. Such play has durability. This makes Joel Selwood’s career even more remarkable. He has been playing like a crazy fool for 15 years and he is still an excellent footballer.

The best and fairest: Tom Stewart

Richmond's Dustin Martin is tackled by Callum Mills of Swans.
Richmond’s Dustin Martin is tackled by Callum Mills of Swans. Cameron Spencer / AFL Photos / via Getty Images


This is a very different aspect of Swans from previous years. There are fewer bumps and bangs and more running and spreading. However, they fought for consistency in the games and shocked the Gold Coast. But in Friday night games at SCG, they are always an impressive design. Franklin in particular seems to always find a different leg in these matches. If he hadn’t hit Cotchina and deserved a week’s rest, they’d really be waiting for their chances against Melbourne on Saturday night.

The best and fairest: Callum Mills

western bulldogs

“We are asking questions at a time when we are working on Covid’s natural effects, its uncertain heritage and future, environmental uncertainty, the world’s carbon footprint and now the atrocities of Russia’s progress in Ukraine. . what kind of person am i And what would I do if I could influence some of these significant events that will threaten our future?

Joe Biden? No, Luke Beveridge. It’s an eternal puzzle, Coach Bulldogs. He had a very special start to the year. He likes to experiment and chop and change his side, especially in the first rounds. He can send replacement Dog supporters. But after sputtering for several months, they finally found their groove. Naughton flies, Libba is back in the middle where he belongs, and finally they have some stability. They met with witch hats last week. Friday’s opponent is a much more difficult challenge.

The best and fairest: Bailey Smith

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