The guest causes outrage after wearing a white formal dress at the wedding

If you are invited to a weddingyou are expected to follow certain rules.

One of these rules is a strict dress code – which means it is considered a major scam to wear white when you are not bride.

The woman caused outrage after breaking this tradition by wearing a white embroidered ball gown for the wedding.

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White dresses for wedding guests
The woman was photographed in a white dress. (reddit)

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IN viral photo published onlineThe anonymous woman is dressed in a dress all the way to the ground and holds a glittering silver clasp.

“She wasn’t a bride,” he shared the original poster Reddit.

The photo also seems to have moved on Reddit in 2020, with the explanation of the OP that the picture was taken at the wedding of a cousin of a family friend.

“Some friends whispered about it, but we don’t know how there was a match between the wedding parties,” they wrote.

“And I know it’s rude to take pictures of people without their consent, but it was so incredible for me.”

The owner of the picture did not provide any further details, however, the mere sight of the wedding guest in white was enough to trigger online anger.

“I hope the bride was a knockout and everyone noticed how bad this lady looked compared to,” one man said.

Some commentators have argued that a little red wine would remedy the situation. (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

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“Damn, she was wearing a whole wedding dress. Is it tacky and disrespectful enough to marry someone else a white wedding, but a wedding dress?”

Another joined. “No, I would kick her out as soon as I saw her. No one needs such toxicity in their lives.”

Some commentators claimed that the bride’s bridesmaid had to solve the situation with a glass of red wine.

“That’s when the famous clutz with red wine fits,” said one commentator.

Another wrote, “Forget you’re clumsy, I’d go straight to her and throw 2 glasses of red wine right over her dress.”

In the meantime, some people have shared their experiences with the arrival of wedding guests in inappropriate outfits.

Brides often have a rule that no guests should wear white. (Getty Images / iStockphoto)

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“My husband’s mother had black at our wedding because she doesn’t like me,” one woman said. “It’s not that bad … but there’s something about the mothers’ grooms.”

“My wedding dress was champagne / pink and my MIL insisted that I wear the same shade because it was ‘the only color that looked good’,” said another.

In 2021, an influencer made headlines after she asked her million followers if it was ever okay to wear a white wedding.

Consensus seemed hard no, 77 percent of respondents warned against fashionable faux pas.

Only 23 percent thought it was acceptable to wear white at someone’s wedding.

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