9 Browser Games To Take You Back To The Good Old Days

9 browser games that take you back to the good old days

Remember when browsers were in vogue? Do you remember Cool Math Games? Miniclip? And probably the best of all, Newgrounds?

I remember that magical moment in my life when getting to the computer after school meant going through a flash game after a flash game (rest in peace) and looking for something to have fun with. It was an easier time, I miss it so much. Newgrounds in particular was a pioneer in this space and a haven for hosting old Internet browser games, which allowed anyone to create a small game and place it online.

Sure, you had all kinds of nervous shit there, but it was a hatchery for many, many games. Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac, Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater they all came out of this era. All of these titles began with Newgrounds, with the last two coming from the creator of Newgrounds’ own game studio, Tom Fulp, The Behemoth. Heck, even one of the games on the list below started on Newgrounds and remains available on the platform, with any new content being added first.

So that’s my opinion. Don’t you want to go back to a time when times were much easier? Don’t you want to leave humanity and return to the monkey? Fortunately, Newgrounds still lives and works, but itch.io is a slightly broader platform and has a bunch of very good browser games that have been created in the last few years. These games have the atmosphere of playing games on Newgrounds as a child or teenager, mixed with the brilliance that today’s technology can provide. I’m the devil for these kinds of things, so I’ve hand-picked a few games for you to play in your browser.

Funkin ‘Friday Night

Image: ninjamuffin99

I know, I know. Funkin ‘Friday Night has been one of the best games on Itch.io for a million years. But for good reason. Funkin ‘Friday Night Yippee Dance Dance Revolution –esque rhythm game from ninjamuffin99 and returns to the style of the Flash Player game from the Newgrounds era. It swings. The music is fun and the enemies are cool. There is a good reason why he remained so successful.

[Play here]

Next door

side itching
Image: Broelbrak

It’s as special technical as when Next door is technically a game that you can play in your browser, I highly recommend downloading it to get the full experience. With regard to it regarding to it, Next door is a short pixel-horror game by Broelbrak and is inspired by Jung Ito. The character design I feel fits perfectly with this goal, and the disturbing tone during a short experience is just fantastic.

[Play here]

Welcome to Googoo

welcome googoo itch
Image: Doot

You can play this game if you are sad and want to quickly feel love and happiness. Welcome to Googoo is a simple game in which you have to write invitations to the villagers for the welcome home party Googoo and you have to write the invitations individually to suit the personalities of each villager. It’s so silly and cute and there’s a frog chair. Nice game. And isn’t it nice for things to be nice once in a while?

[Play here]

Tanuki sunset

9 browser games that take you back to the good old days
Image: Rewind games

I’ve always believed that what Tony Hawk’s professional skater over the years, he had lacked the ability to ride a skateboard like a raccoon. Tanuki sunset is a third – person skating game (from a third racoon?) created by Rewind Games and is No easy. You can fall a lot, but it will pay off all the more if you don’t fall. It’s a super fun skating game where levels are procedurally generated and the vibrations are immaculate.

[Play here]

Goodbye, dog

9 browser games that take you back to the good old days
Image: Pictogram

This is probably the shortest game of all, and yet it hit me in the stomach the most. You can guess from the name, but Goodbye, dog is quite sad. You play as the spirit of a family dog ​​and you have to take part in a light scare to help your family get back on track after they lose you. Although he is sad, he is also very sweet.

[Play here]


9 browser games that take you back to the good old days
Image: JP Durigan

The only thing I don’t like about this game is that I wish there was more. Such a great concept. Catacombs! is a logic platform created by Audrey Vasconcelos, Fernando Silveira, JP Durigan and Lia Godoy. You play as a cat with more lives and you have to use it to your advantage. Each time you die, your body becomes a platform that you can use to block blocks and lasers, or it can help you level up. New concept, I want more.

[Play here]

Soul Void

9 browser games that take you back to the good old days
Image: Kadabura

Soul Void is a 1-2 hour Game Boy style game by Kadabura. It’s spooky and cool and pixel art is sometimes simple and sometimes disturbingly detailed. It’s one of the most amazing games I’ve played since itch.io in terms of story and artistic style. The only problem I would say is the lack of SFX or music, but in a way it adds to the haunting. My recommendation for background music is Closer to gray album by Chromatics.

[Play here]


9 browser games that take you back to the good old days
Image: Algorat

I live for these things. Unconventional dating sims are like crack and for me Ratchelor is pumped right into my veins. Ratchelor is taking over Bachelor, In addition, as is the show normally, you are a rat and your love interests are all rats. The art style is kind of ugly. And beautiful, every rat you date has its own different personality, and the bland answers you give the rats mean a lot more than you think.

[Play here]

Morbius: Game

9 browser games that take you back to the good old days
Screenshot: nyanbread

I’ve said enough about that Morbius: Game.

[Play here]

These are just a few of my selections from the Itch.io browser game library, but there are so many. Do you have some browser games from Itch.io that you like? Or maybe even browser games from another site? OR maybe a browser game from your childhood that had a bad effect on you? Let us know!

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