After reviewing, Cornes predicts that coaching in Essendon will be clean

After reviewing, Cornes predicts that coaching in Essendon will be clean

The great AFL Kane Cornes predicts the cleansing of Essendon’s assistant assistants at the end of the 2022 season.

The Bombers announced an internal review earlier this week after the dismal start of the club season, winning only two of the opening 11 games.

President Paul Brasher has suggested that the review should focus on increasing resources rather than transforming the football department, but Cornes believes the club’s employees have every right to worry.

In his second season in the lead, coach Ben Rutten is under considerable pressure.

Cornes compared Bombers’ review with Richmond in 2016, when the Tigers lost five assistants but kept Damien Hardwick on track for the groundbreaking premiere in 2017.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while, I’d be really nervous if I was an assistant coach or anyone in Essendon involved in the football department,” he said. Whateley from SEN.

“Additional resources have been used to the term, support for coaches, who will look to manage their list.” All he does is, I think, (it does) create a selfish environment.

“The best teams are all-in, on one mission, they know where they’re going, and everyone knows their role, and suddenly this pseudo-review is happening, which doesn’t look at the coach because he’s happy.” the coach goes on, they are satisfied with the players.

“You see how it turns out, they do exactly what Richmond at the end of 2016, Rutten stays – Hardwick stayed – every assistant coach leaves … Sean Murphy is their high-performing guy, he I’d be nervous, maybe there will be some changes. “

Cornes continued, “That’s exactly what will happen. You are watching, at the end of the year there will be a report in the media about the assistant coaches whom they thanked for their service, Blake Caracella, Daniel Giansiracusa, Dale Tapping, Leigh Tudor.

“Not everyone now, but I think at least two or three (they’re leaving).

“So imagine the situation they got into in the second half of the year.” They think, ‘Well, I probably won’t be here, I’ve seen it happen in other clubs that have been successful, where am I looking at’? And that’s the worst place.

“I played in poor football clubs and poor football clubs take care of themselves, they talk to small groups, they are players and employees, everyone blames everyone else, that’s what happens when I predicted and predicted in Essendon.

“And there’s a real risk that the club will fall apart in the second half of this year, then in the end they’ll make big changes, nothing they can’t do now, and that’s how it turns out.”

Rutten led the Bombers to a surprising final performance last year, which further complicated the club’s unsatisfactory performance this year.

However, he holds the support of Brasher and the club.

But as Cornes notes, the club will not be able to provide additional resources without losing more.

“You are not checking for any change, so a change will occur.” The only way to get around the “soft cap” is to remove someone who is in this job and take up resources, and replace them with someone else, “he added.

“So I expect a significant change to come, not necessarily with the coach, although I would say, and I said that after losing in Sydney (Round 9), he wouldn’t want to have too many such losses.”

“I think it would change quickly (Rutten’s support from the club) if things fell apart with great losses. I’m nervous about Ben Rutten (but if that happened) I’d be especially nervous.

The Bombers say goodbye to Round 12 before returning to MCG next week to play Friday night’s blockbuster against Carlton.

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