How do you compare to the top 100 AFL fantasy trainers?

How do you compare to the top 100 AFL fantasy trainers?

We’re here again, it’s AFL Fantasy bye rounds! Every year there are big jumps in the rankings. Most coaches would like to believe that they are smart and full of experience when it comes to preparing for farewell rounds. However, forced trades with premium players have certainly caused confusion in most of the preparations to say goodbye to coaches. In the 12th round, there may be few players we planned compared to the players we have on the ground. Then there are the 100 best AFL Fantasy trainers. These are the top floors of the league.

Note that the following data and information will focus on the most selected players in the top 100. The statistics below show the percentage of players in each line.

After eleven rounds: “How can I compare to the top 100 fantasy AFL coaches?” My team has an 18/22 vanilla selection according to the list below.


Sicily (99%), Short (88%), Crisp (79% + 1% MID), De Koning (72% + 25% FWD), Hewett (71%) and Zorko (58% + 2% MID)


Clark (100%), L. Neale (96%), J. Macrae (77%), McComb (77%), Mills (73%), Oliver (67%) Cripps (64%) and Brayshaw (53%) )


Gawn (94%) and Hayes (87%)


Dunkley (98% + 2% MID), Brodie (90% + 8% MID), Coniglio (81% + 4% MID), Cameron (75%), Butters (67% + 9% MID) & Durdin (55% )


D1 Sicily Ave (98), R11 (86), $ 792 thousand 100 best ownership 99%

D2 Short Ave (104), R11 (84), $ 838 thousand 100 best ownership 88%

D3 Crisp Ave (103), R11 (102), $ 874 thousand 100 best ownership 79%

D4 De Koning Ave (47), R11 (83), $ 406,000 100 best ownership 72%

D5 Hewett Ave (103), R11 (116), $ 811 thousand 100 best ownership 71%

D6 Zorko Ave (88), R11 (49), $ 771 thousand 100 best ownership 58%

These six players represent the most frequent premium defenders in the top 100. The most selected DEF is Sicily. Interesting fact that the average score of Sicily falls outside the 6 best defenders of the year. The 6 best defenders with the highest average this year are Stewarte (106), Docherty (106), Short (104), Crisp (102), Hewett (103) and Sinclair (102). Stewart, Docherty and Sinclair have 11%, 25% and 20% ownership in the top 100. I expect that to change by the end of the 14th round.

In the last round, it was Stewart who showed that he was capable of a very high ceiling. He scored an incredible 169! Can he do it every week? That’s the question. Experience shows that AFL opposition coaches will certainly send him attention soon. Stewart is a battery, +6 is his strong point and last week he scored a total of 16 points. To put it bluntly, Rowell played the whole match again without marking the ball. These are four games in a row without a mark, 7 out of 11 games without earning a mark and still only 8 points out of 11 games! Back to Stewart, notice that he has not yet played against the West Coast Eagles. WCE plays twice this year, after Geelong’s bye (round 14) and in the last game of the fantasy season! Boom!

Sinclair continues in good shape and back, its top 100 ownership is only 20% and if you are looking for a point of difference, its name should come into discussion. The same goes for Sam Docherty, the second best average defender. Seriously, what inspiration on and off the field. Doc’s Top 100 ownership is only 25%, he is the main target after his 12th round, bye. Honorable mention goes to Jordan Dawson, he is the 7 best defenders with an average (100) and in fact the 6 best defenders in the top 100 with 57% ownership. He beat De Koning, who had 83 points last week. There would be many coaches who accepted De Koning’s “emergency” gap in defense.

The top 100 coaches in the 100 are not satisfied with Zork’s last point ascent, including an unsatisfactory 49 from his last trip. He says goodbye to the 14th round, the best coaches who brought him hope that he can produce 100+ from here by then. However, the verdict is still whether he will be among the top 6 defenders at the end of this season. The decision to hold or fold after a bye will be significant because it sticks to a high percentage of the top 100 fantasy trainers.


M1 Clark Ave (74), R11 (62), $ 413 thousand 100 best ownership 100%

M2 Neale Ave (116), R11 (143), $ 932 thousand 100 best ownership 96%

M3 Macrae Ave (106), R11 (107), $ 869 thousand 100 best ownership 77%

M4 McComb Ave (57), R11 (55), $ 387 thousand 100 best ownership 77%

M5 Mills Ave (113), R11 (107), $ 957 thousand 100 best ownership 73%

M6 Oliver Ave (113), R11 (107), $ 942 thousand 100 best ownership 67%

M7 Cripps Ave (102), R11 (89), $ 806 thousand 100 best ownership 64%

M8 Brayshaw Ave (115), R11 (94), $ 899 thousand 100 best ownership 53%

These eight players are the most frequent midfielders in the top 100. In contrast, the 8 centers with the highest average consist of Blacksmith (118), Neale (116), Brayshaw (115), Oliver (113), Mills (113), Laird (111), Parish (109) a Keys (108). Petracca’s bad performance last week, 40 points, would see him drop out of the top 8 average midfielders.

Clark is the most selected midfielder in the top 100. If he’s not in your M8, he’s probably the first choice as a gap in the MID. If you look at the difference in the midfield, Clark’s promotion to premium midfielder after his bye round should be at the top of your list as the top 100 coach. With a break-even 23, he still has some money to make. He is going against Adelaide before his 13th round. The question for the top 100 teams is when to upgrade Clark?

What about Macrae? Usually it’s a slow starter and then the boom goes! He did it last year and the year before, and so on, but not this year. His average is still respectable at 106. To put it in context, his fantasy score has ranged from somewhere between 115 and 122 in the last 4 years. which proves to be still popular among elite coaches.

Smith’s week off from AFL Fantasy has ensured the continuation of low ownership in the top 100. Although he has the coat of the best average midfielder this season (118), his ownership in the top 100 is only 14%. Will he be the best traded player in this round, if available? If not, then you are not playing the game properly. His added FWD position would also make him the most sought after player in the FWD series before the 12th round.

If you want to make a difference, Laird is exceptional. With only 15% ownership in the top 100, Laird averages 111 and is the seventh most prolific shooter in the middle of the field. Parish and Keays have low ownership in the top 100 with 4% and 2% ownership, respectively. There are coaches that Parish burned in the previous fantasy season, and they will probably stay away. Are there better and better names for names like Merrett, Kelly, Wines, Walsh and Miller? Still, it could be a year for Parish to show that fantasy coaches are wrong. It is 902K with an average of 109 points and is unique in the top 100. Is it on your radar?

Then there’s Ben Keays, who had an average of 108 last year and this year is well on its way to keeping or overcoming it. Keays is the top 9 average fantasy midfielder so far this season. Keays started with a score of 132, 131, 96, 134, 114, 102 and 100. His last 4 outputs were lower with a score of 98, 92, 88 and 104. As a result, his price dropped to 835,000. Including Smith, there are only 8 midfielders who have a higher average than the Keays. The cheapest is Brayshaw for 899,000 and the most expensive is Mills for 957,000. If you look at the price vs. scoring output, Keays looks like a major purchase.


R1 Gawn Ave (104), R11 (104), $ 841 thousand 100 best ownership 94%

R2 Hayes Ave (56), R11 (34), $ 408 thousand 100 best ownership 87%

At the beginning of the year, a plethora of Russians were presented to the fantasy coaches. Then everyone started falling. Grundy went down, so English would be in the top 2, then went down. Preuss was presented to the coaches, but he did not take vitamins, became ill and now cannot get on the team. Hayes stayed on the coaches and gave us a rookie score last week. The 6 best average ruck consists of English (115), Gawn (104), Preuss (99), Blicavs (95), O’Brien (92) a Witts (91). If you jumped on O’Brien, you would be happy with 159! It is a unique selection in the top 100, owned by only 5 coaches.

The Englishman also pumped 132 in his retaliatory play. Any doubts about his fancy performance after a few weeks off due to illness and injury were dispelled in the last round. It is owned by 3 of the 100 best coaches. Its form suggests that it will be either a top 2 ruck or a top 6 striker according to your preferences.


F1 Dunkley Ave (115), R11 (139), $ 901 thousand 100 best ownership 98%

F2 Brodie Ave (94), R11 (83), $ 752,000 100 best ownership 90%

Rabbit F3 Ave (90), R11 (108), $ 704 thousand 100 best ownership 81%

F4 Cameron Ave (76), R11 (94), $ 694 thousand 100 best ownership 75%

F5 butter Ave (84), R11 (92), $ 643 thousand 100 best ownership 67%

F6 Durdin Ave (49), R11 (29), $ 400,000 100 best ownership 55%

These six players are the most frequent attackers in the top 100 teams. Will Dunkley keep top billing in the top 100 in the front line? As a result of Smith gaining FWD status, will he claim first place FWD in the top 100? This year they have the highest average forwards Blacksmith (118), Dunkley (115), Treloar (100), Taranto (100), Bontempelli (98) a Parker (96). English can also make the case as the top 3 FWD Boot Parker from the top 6!

The surprise of the year is none other than Will Brodie. It has an average of 94 and is among the top 8 average FWDs. Brodie now has a value of 752,000 and is still highly owned in the top 100 (90% FWD and 8% MID). Its TOG remains low at around 70% each week, but continues to produce more than the useful average. He has a goodbye round 14. However, in the 14th round, the 98 coaches in the top 100 will ask, “Is it time to go Brodie?”.

For coaches who are looking to advance to the top 100 or hedge against the top 100, the front line is where you get the position. In AFL Fantasy, this series is by far the most incomplete. The question we all have is, “Can you have too many bulldogs in the front line?” Apart from Dunkley, all 6 best average strikers are still unique and own them with low percentages in the top 100. Then there’s Taranto, fully fit, he should also enter your calculations, he has a week off this round, so all eyes are on the selection table next week to see if he’s appointed to the game. There are no coaches in the top 100 who have Tim Taranto.

The peak end of the season is over. These farewell rounds will once again dictate the rest of the year to all fantasy coaches. I wish you all good luck, no bloodshed and newcomers to it. Good luck to all and happy trading!

how did you compare it? If you need any specific statistics of the top 100 players, do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter.

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