"Ready": A short profile of each mid-season draft pick

“Ready”: A short profile of each mid-season draft pick

AFL Media reporter Cal Twomey provided a brief summary of each draft in the mid-2022 draft.

West Coast chose Dandenong Stingrays midfielder Jai Culley with option 1, while Carlton threw AFL lifelines to Sam Durdin and Will Hayes.

Keep talking SEN BreakfastTwomey profiled every player selected in Wednesday night’s draft rookie.

1. West Coast – Jai Culley (Dandenong Stingrays)

“190 cm medium deposit, can go ahead. He scored four goals in the Young Guns game in the middle of the year and had 20 touches.

“He’s a younger player.” I think he will play for the Eagles at the end of the season. ”

2. North Melbourne – Kallan Dawson (Williamstown VFL)

“A key defender from the VFL. Ready to go. ”

3. Essendon – Massimo D’Ambrosio (Western Jets)

“Midfielder. A really good kick.

“He’s injured at the moment with a shoulder injury, but he’ll have the right to leave in about a month.”

4. Adelaide Crows – Brett Turner (Glenelg)

“He’s a mature player.”

“He’s a good little football user.”

5. GWS – Wade Derksen (Peel Thunder)

„Key back / key forward / ruckman.

“He has the potential for them as Harry Himmelberg.” A good kick at the gate and a good mark over the head. ”

6. Hawthorn – Max Ramsden (Sandringham Dragons)

“He’s the type of Ruckman Tim English.”

“He’s an athletic player, the ball that moves on the ground is a long-term project, he won’t be playing for the Hawks this year.”

“He’ll be a good player in the long run, I think.”

7. Gold Coast – Oskar Faulkhead (Bendigo Pioneers)

“He is a runner from Bendigo Pioneers and also played for the Geelong VFL.

“A little shift in the middle of the field.” A slimy midfielder, someone who can get the ball, go forward and kick the goal. ”

8. Port Adelaide – Brynn Teakle (East Fremantle)

“She is 202 cm tall. He’s a ready ruckman.

“He’s a player with a bigger body in old age from WAFL ready to go.”

9. Collingwood – Josh Carmichael (West Adelaide)

“I think they’ll have a chance to play with him soon.”

“A 22-year-old SANFL player, averaging about 25 touches, and comes with the ability to play and move on the ground as well.

“One to watch out for.”

10. Richmond – Jacob Bauer (North Adelaide)

“For me, he’s the type of striker Will Hayward.”

“A midfielder who can jump in the air, catch and kick a goal.”

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11. Sydney – Hugo Hall-Kahan (Sandringham Dragons)

“The Saints were selected a few later, and I think they would take Hall-Kahan if they tried to get him through the New Generation Academy.”

“He’s a middle forward from the Sandringham Dragons.” Last year’s draft was overlooked – in fact, it was not even nominated.

“He’s a goal scorer.” He’s also a bit like Hayward. Clever around the goal, good at ground level, can do some tricks in the air. ”

12. Geelong – Zane Williams (Woodville-West Torrens)

“Geelong picks up another small attacker.”

“They’ve had some success stories in the last 12 months at Tyson Stengle.

“A similar kind of story to him in terms of what he can do around goals.” One that can be watched there. ”

13. Carlton – Sam Durdin (Glenelg)

“Ready to play.

“I was in the first round of the North Melbourne draft eight years ago.” He played a good kick for Glenelg. 26 this year.

“He’s ready to play and can intervene if he has to.”

14. St Kilda – Pass

15. Fremantle – Sebit Kuek (East Perth)

“It’s a prospect.” He is 21 and this year he really broke into the scene.

“Of Sudanese descent.” In the match, which is basically played for East Perth, he scored three goals and caught the Dockers.

“It’s a long-term project, but definitely also an exciting talent in the air.”

16. West Coast – Pass

17. North Melbourne – Pass

18. Essendon – Jye Menzie (South Adelaide)

“They need a little striker and I think they had to go for a little striker with one of their two tips.”

“He dominated the start of the SANFL season. I expect to see him this year. ”

19. Adelaide Crows – Pass

20. Hawthorn – James Blanck (Box Hill Hawks)

“He’s a mature player outside of the VFL’s Box Hill program.”

“He’s ready to go.” I think we will see him in different places this year in the second half of the season.

“He has impressed many in the VFL. It’s a stopper. ”

21. Collingwood – Pass

22. Carlton – Will Hayes (Carlton VFL)

“Good story. Back in the AFL. Obviously a former bulldog.

“Carlton clearly plays for Durdin and Hayes now and has gone through their VFL program.”

23. Fremantle – Pass

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