Why Love Island Australia star Anna McEvoy prefers dating older men

Anna McEvoy maybe he won Love Island Australia Season 2, but her choice of partner was a departure from her usual suspects.

It has nothing to do with appearance, career, sense of humor or charisma, rather there was a difference in age – she normally goes after older men.

“Older guys, they’ve been here a bit,” McEvoy 9Honey says through Zoom. “So they have more adult interviews and I think they’re more interesting.”

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When McEvoy was 17, she lost her virginity with her very first boyfriend, a 23-year-old DJ she met at a party.

The 30-year-old Where is your head The podcast presenter said that when she saw him across the room, she knew immediately that he was older, and she found that attractive.

“I was like, ‘Ooh,'” she chuckled. “He looked a little more mature, he had a little stubble, he just looked cool.”

McEvoy says she and her ex-boyfriend dated six and a half years, and because he had more life experience than she did, she found him “much more interesting” than men her age. She also said that she felt as if he had “great respect” for her.

“I’ve always been really attracted to liking older and older men,” he says.

But it’s not just the look that drives McEvoy to her preferred partner, rather the mature look is something McEvoy sees as a sign of a mature character.

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Love Island Australia is played by Anna McEvoy and Josh Packham.
Love Island Australia, Anna McEvoy, 30, and Josh Packham, 27, won 2nd row together and broke up in November 2020. (Instagram)

“I’ve always been quite mature and I’ve really tried to date guys my age, I just couldn’t,” says McEvoy. “I feel like I’m dating someone three years younger when I’m my age.”

“Nobody wants a boyfriend, do they? You have your own mom. That’s her job. Treat me like your girlfriend, appreciate me, and love me.”

From her first friend, the reality star walked with a number of men who were older than her, one of whom was up to 15 years older.

However, he acknowledges that age is not always an indicator of maturity. In fact, her current partner Michael Staplesshe is only four years older than she is, but she says he is very mature – while when she was in her early twenties, she dated a 43-year-old man who she thought was one of the “most advanced” men she had ever had. was with.

Like everything, in McEvoy’s opinion, dating older men has its drawbacks.

“Sometimes they may have some luggage because they obviously have been dating a lot longer than you, so they could have the former coming back in the picture, or they could stand in their way,” he says.

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Love Island Australia, Anna McEvoy
Anna McEvoy and Michael Staples met during the COVID-19 blockade in Melbourne and have been together ever since. (instagram)

However, the vast majority of McEvoy’s had positive experiences with their older partners.

“I’ve always felt really valued, loved and cared for,” she says, emphasizing that in her experience they are “less phobic” and “play nothing.”

“They really made me do things with my career.”

The model says that compared to younger boys, who are more likely to have “ten shots of tequila” with older men, she asks more about her goals and long-term plans.

“It always made me go for what I wanted to do in my life and give it priority.”

McEvoy also says that sex with older men is “much better.”

“Sex is a lot more fun, it’s discoverable,” he says. “And during sex with older men, I became more comfortable.”

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McEvoy attributes the maturity of the Staples to why their relationship did not fall apart when they were stranded in a hotel room in Thailand earlier this yearafter both became infected with COVID-19.

“We literally didn’t argue,” McEvoy said. “Michael was super positive, he was very reassuring. In the end we had a lot of fun. I think it tested him as a human, but I also think that if I had a younger friend in this scenario, it would be bad.”

The pair are no strangers to COVID-19, which disrupts their relationship habits or forces them into a tight spot – after all, they met during a lockout in Melbourne.

“It’s so weird because it’s such a fresh relationship, but I feel like we’ve been together for a long time, like years and years,” he says.

“We were free for about a month and then we went into a hard lock together. Then we got out a bit and went back inside. So I just feel like we know each other inside and out.”

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