MAFS 'Mitch brutally ridiculed by a rude waiter:' Washed celebrity '

MAFS ‘Mitch brutally ridiculed by a rude waiter:’ Washed celebrity ‘

Married At First Sight star Mitch Eynaud should not have expected decent customer service when he had dinner with a colleague on Tuesday because a rude waiter mocked him.

Mitch and Matt Ridley were having dinner at Karen’s Diner, which is known for its terrible services when it was attacked by one of the employees.

The video published on Instagram shows the financial planner of the Gold Coast enjoying a chicken when the waiter put a paper bag on his head.

Matt could be heard laughing as he filmed an argument and said, “Oh no” and “What’s going on?”

A waiter at Karen’s Diner toasted Mitch Eynaud. Source: Instagram / Matt Ridley

The words “He loves careless seconds” were written on a paper bag placed over Mitch’s head, seemingly referring to his famous relationship with MAFS co-star Tamara Djordjevic.

They are expected to spend a lot of time together since the show aired, with Mitch’s marriage to Ella Ding on screen and Tamara’s relationship with Brent Vitiello ending.

Last month, Tamara broke her silence about dating rumors and said they were really good friends.

“And I want to put that record right by saying that we didn’t really become friends until months after the show aired,” she told Q&A on Instagram.

Mitch Eynaud in The Married at First Sight.

Mitch is rumored to be dating star Tamara Djordjevic. Source: Channel 9

After placing a paper bag on Mitch’s head, he continued to eat and licked the chicken from his fingers before being told to turn.

Another wild message was written on the back of the bag: “#Washedupcelebrity.”

Mitch and Tamar’s fictional romance

After Mitch and Ella broke up, the television bride raised the possibility that Tamara and Mitch had an affair throughout the show, and in early April, Hit WA said with Allan and Carly, “They say they’re together and have been for a while. … It has been speculated that this has been going on for quite some time, perhaps before filming [the reunion]. “

Tamara rejected the claims, saying that she did not even talk to Mitch during the show and only became close to him after the show.

Tamara Djordjevic speaks on Instagram.

Tamara Djordjevic claims to be dating Mitch Eynaud. Source: Instagram / Tamara Djordjevic

Mitch criticizes MAFS: “Absolute waste”

Last month, Mitch went to Instagram to label the MAFS as “complete waste.”

“I only watched about four or five parts because it was an absolute waste from the very beginning,” he replied.

“I’ve been watching our wedding, a couple of honeymoon episodes, I think I’ve been watching the seclusion episode, Dion and Matt’s wedding and our latest dates.”

MAFS stars pose together.

Mitchell insists he and Tamara are just friends. Photo: Channel nine

Mitch added that there was “a lot” that viewers did not see because much of the experiment was never broadcast on television.


“They’ve already chosen a story for each character,” he continued.

“Most weeks you shoot 40 hours a week, and you only see two or three minutes a person every week.

“I mean, the episode of the last date we’d finished a jet ski ride and we were sitting under the cabin, the conversation lasted an hour or two and you saw 30 seconds of it, and I was just sitting there dumb because they interrupted all the hell I was he said. I looked like an absolute fool.

“But I think the relationship as such was pretty great.” We shared a lot of special times, special experiences. I was a little worried, but Ella was always here to help me and teach me how to do it. ”

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