The most important news in the latest F1 22 trailer

The most important news in the latest F1 22 trailer

The new game includes a trailer for the upcoming EA Sports and Codemasters’ F1 22 dropped out on Tuesday (May 31) and gave fans of Formula One games a glimpse of all the things that would come when the game was released in full on July 1, 2022.

Not only did the trailer list these features, but it provided some of the first insights into those features and updates we’re all looking forward to. It was basically everything we already knew and reported on in some of our practical preview articles.

However, the short video summarizes what you can look forward to, in a fast-paced two-minute clip packed with lots of winks and moments that you won’t miss.


New manipulation – The new car comes with “New Handling”, which basically means that the car will feel different in a sense than in previous years.

Sprint F1 – Sprint races, which were new last season, will be included in the F1 22 racing events. You can race in them if you want, or you can give them up.

Imersive Broadcast: Formation Laps – In-game play, players can now immerse themselves in preparing for the race by taking part in the famous formation round before the lights go out.

Absorption broadcasting: Boxing stops – As in the formation round, players can build a car to some extent, but pressing the right buttons will take you to the box, which will affect capture and departure times.

Pit Stop Errors – If your crew is not trained enough, or maybe by accident, who knows, but mistakes when stopping in the pits can and will occur and will significantly slow down your round in the pits.

Absorbing Broadcasting: The Safety Car Period – Again, like the formation round and the pit stop, every part of the race now has a way to take part. This includes Safety Car times.

Exercise programs – There are new training programs that will not only improve your racing craft, but also improve your skill sets.

Adaptive AI – Computer opponents should be a little more realistic in this year’s edition of the game.

Accessibility – Occasional, standard, or expert settings are displayed that affect the experience you get from the game. From here, they can be edited and fine-tuned.

Circuit update: Abu Dhabi – Yas Marina was updated in 2021 on three sections of the track, which were created in order to increase the possibilities of passing in the extended hairpin in turn 7, replace the old turns 11 to 14 with a long tilted turn and speed up turns 17 to 20 flowing.

Circuit update: Australia – Albert Park in Melbourne has undergone several changes, which were reflected in this year’s Grand Prix. Turns 1, 3 and 6 were all changed, the bullying in turns 9 and 10 was removed and turns 13 and 15 were also changed. Four DRS zones were originally implemented, but one was removed due to the action.

Circuit update: Spain – While this track will include future updates already planned, the 2021 updates have seen significant changes in rounds 10 and 11.


Customizing the player – More customization options have been included to make your driver stand out among others. Think not only in yourself in the car, but also not only the driver, but also your surroundings.

Supercar – It also seems that with this F1 Life you have your own pad to show off some Supercars. We can see some examples from the Ferrari F8 Tributo, through the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Safety Car, to a few more examples of Mercedes-AMG, Ferrari and Aston Martin briefly shown.

The Trophy Case is also shown!

My new team: Improvements – My team is a popular career mode that players get into. New ways to move your team in F1 22 will emerge.

One and two players: Career – Normal career mode can be played alone or with a friend.

Split-Screen and multiplayer – Play on the same console and monitor with a friend, or of course there will be no lack of online multiplayer racing.

F2 – Feeder series for Formula 1, F2 returns to the next game, with this year’s season coming to market.

Bonus Champions Edition

F1 22 Champions Edition players will also receive the new My Team Icons, Jacques Villeneuve, Mark Webber and Nico Hülkenberg, and two steerable safety lines in the aforementioned Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and Aston Martin Vantage for use in the Time Trial.

Traces of Portugal and China remain

In the section with a selection of songs in the feature trailer, you can see the Portuguese and Chinese flags at the far right.

F1 22 tracks in Portugal and China

This means that either these two songs have been in play since launch as “bonus” add-ons for multiplayer and Grand Prix use, or they come as add-ons after release. Either way, these were already in F1 2021, so it makes sense to reuse assets to add diversity.

While things like VR gaming and the new Miami circuit haven’t been specifically mentioned in the feature video, we know they will be there and we’ve got some brief visualizations of both of these things (if you’re counting very unpredictable in-car cameras at some points, it’s possible VR).

What do you think about what we saw in the Gameplay Features trailer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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