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Do you like listening to sad songs? Here’s the reason

American author Susan Cain is a big fan of grief.

More specifically, he is deeply interested in sad music and the “mysterious and seemingly paradoxical” joy or pleasure it can evoke.

Mrs. Cain tried to understand why sad music – such as Leonard Cohen’s music – touched her more than any other species.

Understand it he was complicated by a certain stigma surrounding grief. We tend to avoid sad emotions, as if they should be ashamed, says Mrs Cain.

“We all know that life contains these two poles of joy and sorrow and everything in between … and yet we should not talk about one half of our emotional experience,” she told ABC RN Life Matters.

For decades, author Susan Cain has been trying to understand why she likes to listen to sad music.(Supplied by: Aaron Fedor)

But in a world full of “toxic positivity”, he says that exploring feelings of “sadness, heart pain or desire” is not just right – it is essential for a full and meaningful life.

The “secret” of sad music

When Mrs. Cain listens to melancholy music, she’s not sad about it.

Rather, the music gives her a “sense of connection” with others. He inspires feelings of “love and gratitude” for the musician or the music “for being able to turn what has obviously begun into grief into something that is beautiful and even transcendent.”

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