Why is there a BMW M2 Tesla Model S in this trailer?

Why is there a BMW M2 Tesla Model S in this trailer?

Car ads, especially those about performance cars, are usually full of flashing lights, great music, and fast driving. The all-new BMW M2 has not yet been officially released, but that has not stopped BMW from launching trailers on its social channels to provoke some excitement. The latest hit the BMW M YouTube last week – but strangely enough, it seems to contain footage from the Tesla Model S ride. What does it give?

On Thursday, BMW M recorded an M2 trailer entitled “M2 is on its way. Get ready to play. ”It’s a 35-second clip and starts with what looks like a Series 2 car drifting sideways, all the details except its headlights are obscured by a shadow. However, at approximately 20 and 25 seconds, another dark car and their the headlights are almost unmistakable as in the Tesla Model S.

For your convenience, I also did a screenshot and GIFF both cases.

“Confirmed,” Holland wrote on the headline. “BMW Marketing used a completely unrelated clip with the Tesla record to create the trailer for the M2.”

In a direct message with me, Holland clarified that he had not confirmed with BMW that it was indeed Tesla used in this trailer, but said that the footage in the film supply was similar to what was used in the BMW clip.

I also approached BMW to ask why Tesla seems to be appearing in the trailer for the upcoming M2. Was it an intentional inclusion? Maybe it’s a kind of Easter egg: a hint of what M2 will compete against when it comes out. There are no rules to say that other cars cannot appear in a particular car’s advertisement, but the M2 trailer suggests that it would only contain M2 – or at least another BMW. I’ll update this post when I get back.

Now it could happen that the new M2, which no one has seen before, could have a face very similar to the Tesle Model S! But I don’t think that’s a likely explanation, because we’ve already seen the BMW 2 Series 2022 and it doesn’t look like Tesla. Sure, there could be some variation between the M240i xDrive I’m showing you here and a possible M2, but I don’t think it’s any terribly drastic variation. I mean, LED running lights don’t even run on the same half of the headlight!

Rather than not, include a shady car that looks like very as the Tesla Model S was probably an oversight on the part of the clip’s editing team. It happened! This time it was quite obvious, because the BMW and Tesla headlights are so distinctive.

This is also not the first time that inaccuracies have appeared in BMW M2 promotional materials. In January 2021, fans caused a video drifting M2, only it was set for the soundtrack of the V10. I don’t have to tell you that no M2 on the surface of this planet came from the factory with a V10, however possible.

For most people, a recently recorded M2 clip is probably not a big deal. But enthusiasts like Holland noticed. We’d like to know what’s going on.

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