Why this metal can record a "completely ballistic" price jump.  In addition, the hissing recovery in energy stocks is facing concerns about global growth

Why this metal can record a “completely ballistic” price jump. In addition, the hissing recovery in energy stocks is facing concerns about global growth

Goldman Sachs metal strategist Nick Snowdon believes that global renewables will push copper prices from the current $ 4.29 a pound to $ 6.80 a pound by the end of the decade. He adds that the fundamental outlook for supply and demand is so dire that it does not rule out an “absolutely ballistic” temporary price jump of more than $ 20 per pound before 2030.

Mr. Snowdon appeared on Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast (available on Apple podcasts here and Google here) on May 30 with a remarkably bull story. The key point was that copper reserves were already low, metal is largely irreplaceable as an electrical conductor for electric vehicles and renewable energy sources, and there is almost no new copper production on the horizon.

Goldman Sachs estimates global copper production at 24 million tonnes by 2022. Of this, only 1.5 million tonnes are spent on decarbonisation – mainly electric vehicles and new wind and solar energy.

However, according to the strategist, the demand for copper related to renewable energy sources is expected to climb to six to seven million tons per year by 2030.

In Mr Snowdon’s words, there was a “complete absence of new investment in this sector” despite the expected jump in demand. This paves the way for the largest copper supply deficit ever by the middle of this decade.

Mining companies remained disciplined in spending. The permitting process for new mines has been extended from six to 12 months in 2000 to two to three years now. The end result is that no new copper mine has been approved in the last 24 months. In Latin America and Africa, previously allowed projects will appear in the next 18 months, but then nothing.

For Mr Snowdon, the expected shortage of supply is “not solvable at current prices”, which means that prices are now too low to stimulate the necessary investment in new production. Decarbonisation will not be possible without much higher copper prices.

The price of the commodity has been weaker recently, falling 11.5 percent from a five-year high in March this year. Goldman Sachs attributes this to lower demand from China, which is limited by constraints, and higher exports from Russia than expected. If Mr. Snowdon’s longer-term predictions are correct, it will be an ideal time to add to domestic copper miners such as First Quantum Minerals Ltd., Lundin Mining Corp or Teck Resources Ltd.

– Scott Barlow, Globe and Mail market strategist

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Question: Is now the right time to invest in the stock market? The way things are going makes me nervous.

Reply: Even after markets strengthened last week, the S&P / TSX Composite Index continued to fall by almost 7 percent from its record high in early April and the S&P 500 Index fell about 14 percent from its January high.

But the point is: those losses have already taken place. They are in the past. If all else is the same, stocks are actually better today than they were a few months ago. As Warren Buffett once said, “Whether we’re talking about socks or stock, I like to buy quality goods when it’s labeled below.”

Of course, markets could continue to decline in the short term, but it is also possible that they could grow. Nobody knows. All we know for sure is that, historically, stock markets have grown in the long run. So if you are diversifying and have a long-term horizon, now may be a good time to invest.

–John Heinzl (email your questions to [email protected])

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