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Karl Urban addresses replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

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Probably no one is more popular now than Karl Urban, at least when it comes to comic book adaptations. This man is experiencing immense popularity thanks to his portrayal of Billy Butcher Guys. He also recently had an interview with him about a possible re-enactment of his best role and a return to another comic book adaptation, Judge Dredd. He is now constantly asked to take on one of the most sought after roles in the MCU, Wolverine.

When asked about rumors about the cast of Wolverine, Karel Urban said, “Really? It’s flattering, but you have to think about it rationally. What am I, two years younger than Hugh Jackman? I mean, if I was in a studio that wanted to cast someone in the role of Wolverine, I would choose someone from whom I would receive three films. You won’t get three movies from Karel Urban unless you want Wolverine, 65. ”That’s a funny joke, and he’s not lying. Urban is not much younger than Hugh Jackman, and after 17 years of playing the character, Jackman is done. He probably left the character to advance in his career, but he probably left it due to the strict tax on his body that he had to accept such a violent character.

When Hugh Jackman gave up his claws Logan premiered in 2017. Since then, no kind of casting has taken place that would bring back one of Marvel’s most popular characters. Many legends have emerged. Daniel Radcliffe, Taron Egerton, Keanu Reeves and now Karl Urban. To be honest, Urban would be a fantastic choice, but it’s much older than the other two gentlemen mentioned here. The same goes for Reeves. He is a truly celebrated actor, but he is also rising with age. There were many more options and rumors, but these are the greatest actors who have been most associated with Wolverine.

Cell X-Men rights also returned to Marvel after Disney bought Fox. The world is patiently waiting to see them integrated into the MCU once and for all. Somehow they did it, because Scarlet Witch is a mutant in comics, but she’s a witch in movies, so it counts. Professor Xavier also debuted in the multiverse in Doctor Strange 2 to the delight of many fans. He was ruthlessly killed, but still appeared. It was just a step in the right direction X-Men come back fully. Karl Urban could also play an alternative version of Wolverine, if only for a moment. That would be a good service for the fans.

Karl Urban will be busy, even though, as already mentioned, he is a star Guys. The show was hugely popular on Amazon Video, and the show’s third season airs in two days. From here we can see the man repeating his role as Judge Dredd in this new series of restarts. He was shy when asked about this rumor, but hopefully the creators realize how good he was at it. Dredd a film from 2012. Who knows, we may see the man take over Hugh Jackman and marry one of the most angry characters in comic book continuity, except Hulk.

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