Boss 'The Boys' at Fatal Penis Accident Premiere, Landing in This Amazing Shot in Front of 'Doctor Strange 2'

Boss ‘The Boys’ at Fatal Penis Accident Premiere, Landing in This Amazing Shot in Front of ‘Doctor Strange 2’

WARNING: SPOILER: If you haven’t seen “Payback”, “The Only Man in the Sky” and “Barbary Coast”, don’t read the three episodes that are part of the June 3 release of “The Boys”.

During the first three episodes of the 2nd series “The Boys”, they blew up a whale so that Butcher (Karl Urban) hit it with a speedboat. In the season 3 premiere of the show Amazon Prime Video, a smaller but much more graphic object exploded in an even more bizarre way.

As promised by showrunner “The Boys” Eric Kripke Variety, during the first 15 minutes of the 3rd series premiere, there will be a moment that is “a thousand times crazier” than the whale scene: A superhero named Termite shrinks and climbs into the urethra of his dear half to please her from within. his cock. The termite sneezes unhappily, causing it to quickly grow back to normal size and fatally rupture its partner’s pelvis, killing the man and leaving the termite a blood-traumatized mess before fighting Frenchie (Tomer Capone), Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Butcher .

“Craig Rosenberg wrote the screenplay and he deserves most of the blame,” Kripke said. “They evolve in the writer’s room, and the evolution of this sequence began with the words, ‘We need The Boys to fight the superhero.’ Someone says, ‘We didn’t do Ant-Man.’ And then someone else says, “There’s the meme where Ant-Man climbed Thanos’s ass and blew him up. So we should do it. We should give the audience what Marvel can’t give them.” hand and he says, “Haven’t we exploded our asses yet?”

Kripke continued, “So once you take the cigarette butts off the table, there’s really only so many holes you can go in. And it was Craig who used that argument. He says, ‘Look, those mouths aren’t funny and your ass is done.’ So it’s like we’re breaking a new track with a needle’s eye. And it was so funny. “

For fans who ask, this set of penises was “parallel” in price to the set of whale sizes in season 2.

“Even though it had very sweetened effects, it’s a practical penis,” Kripke said. “This is an 11 foot tall, 20 foot long penis head that has a urethra, a tunnel in it and is built on great expenditure. We made Sony and Amazon pay so much money to create this set. And that’s just another reason why I love my job. “

Fukuhara was stunned during the filming and described it as “a scene from an animated film where you just watch and say, ‘Wow, that’s crazy’.”

Meanwhile, Urban “didn’t feel the need to go and look at the scene,” he added. Hovering a whale into a whale last season, and this season it explodes inside what is a fairly giant urethra. This is the world of ‘The Boys’. “

Elsewhere in the premiere of “The Boys”, a cameo appeared to compete with those Marvel is known for pulling subtitles during scenes – because he was actually an actor who played a very flashy film at the very end of “Doctor Strange.” spot. in the Multiverse of Madness. “

In the opening scene of the 3rd series, Charlize Theron appears in “Dawn of the Seven,” a space film produced by Vought about Homelander (Antony Starr), Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and other members of Seven, facing the Nazi super Stormfront, which normally played by Aya Cash, but was portrayed by Theron in Vought.

“Like most of the portraits in our show, they follow a rigorous and rigorous process of screening who returns Seth Rogen’s phone calls,” Kripke said. “And to her immense and eternal recognition – she just shot ‘The Long Shot’ with Seth – and to her incredible recognition, she agreed to come and help us.” Actually, I feel a little bad about it, because I’m sure he put it like, ‘Hey, do us a favor, jump on the camera and it’s a portrait.’ Another call is our costume designer, ‘OK, you have to come and we have to design this cool suit.’ He will appear on the whole big filming day with a few cameras and so on. But she was such an incredibly great sport and is so funny. I mean, she obviously plays in comedies, but watching her work closely and personally, the level at which she indulges in the most ridiculous dialogue anyone has ever said, is absurd. The hearts and souls with which it adds are so much fun and stunning. We were really lucky to have her. “

As fate would have it, Kripke says it was just a lucky coincidence that Theron also had a portrait as Clea Marvel’s witch at the end of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” – because that wasn’t why Kripke and Rogen asked her. to Make a Place in “The Boys” |

“I didn’t know it was ‘Doctor Strange.’ “I assume we’ve already asked her,” Kripke said. “But I was in the theater watching my children ‘Doctor Strange,’ and then the cameo came up and I thought, ‘Yes!’ Anything we can do to draw a line between us and Marvel is a good day. “

At the end of the first three episodes of “The Boys”, which were released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, it turned out that the real Stormfront had killed itself by biting its own tongue, much to the disappointment of her friend Homelander. But when we saw how many fans thought she was pretty close to death at the end of Season 2, is she really, really dead now?

“I don’t know. I’ve always said that until you really look at a body that’s dead, you can never really tell on TV if anyone is dead,” Kripke said. “But I think time will tell.”

The third season of “The Boys” is just beginning, the remaining five episodes will be released in the coming weeks, including the highly anticipated superhero-orgic episode “Herogasm”. Kripke says he doesn’t think the fatal penis accident in the premiere episode overshadows what’s to come.

“I must have been worried about that.” if we open the show in a completely banana way, what will it do to the rest of the episode and when we get to ‘Herogasm’? Will people feel disappointed? ”Kripke said. “I found out that’s not the case.” Even though it’s a crazy moment, I think we’ll continue to immerse ourselves in the characters, dramatize what they’re going through in these moments of fucking-bird-crazy-bananas, and fortunately for me, the shock has never subsided. . “

For Kripke, anyway, “Herogasm” isn’t just about giant suphero orgies: “As much as we talk about shock and madness, I think ‘Herogasm’ doesn’t work because they’re big superhero orgies, because it’s all really funny. It works because of the confrontations that take place there, and emotions, strangely, and grief and pathos. These characters, which you thought would stay together forever, fall apart, other characters come together, and it was more of a huge opportunity to bump into almost all of our characters. I think it gives weight that if it was just a bunch of naughty superheroes who had weird superhero sex, it probably wouldn’t work or be good. But I think that episode will really land, because there are not only crazy moments, but there are many, many emotional moments. “

Jordan Moreau contributed to this story.

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