Swans without friends attacked the Dees fortress and opened the title race

Swans without friends attacked the Dees fortress and opened the title race

Goodwin said it was too early to talk about firing the shapeless attacker. Sam Weideman was eliminated this week and overlooked for Mitch Brown as a replacement for McDonald’s. Mitch Brown was also ineffective.

Such are their woes in attack, their most effective scoring option was ruckman Max Gawn, who shone with three goals, 28 possessions and 29 hits in the best performance on earth.

“Ben isn’t the best at the moment, but he’s a very good player and he scores,” said Goodwin. “Our challenge as a coaching group is first and foremost to get him back in some really good shape.

“There is no doubt that it is competitive for positions with our key attackers at the moment and everyone will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.”

The idea that Steve May is the Demons’ most important player is gaining momentum after the Demons have twisted under relentless pressure from the Swans.

Sam Reid and Logan McDonald each scored three goals against a defense that lacked the usual confidence without Mayo shooting.

One loss may be rejected as an aberration, but two in a row require deeper analysis. Twice the Dees built what was supposed to be a winning match, just to get the hungry Swans back.

Clayton Oliver, Christian Petracca and Gawn had productive nights, but the Dees offensive line was impotent.

Logan McDonald scored three goals for the Swans win.Credit:AFL Photos / Getty Images

On a cold winter night, 74-53 spoke of the heat brought by John Longmire’s men.

If the game, which summed up the night, it came in the second quarter, when Gawn lost the ball amid chaos in the middle of the advance, paving the way for Chad Warner to scoop up and kick long at Papley, who turned the run into an empty forward 50.

The Swans collected four of their five goals in the second quarter, while – but not because – Harry Petty was off the field with what looked like a shoulder injury.

It was during this period that they gained the upper hand in the competition and increased their fighting pressure.

Reid influenced Franklin’s absence, scoring three goals and taking a high score against Adam Tomlinson, who has yet to adjust to the pace of the game after a year of play.

The taste with which the Swans celebrated on the field and sang the song indicated the importance of winning, which puts them in two games in the top eight.

“It was beautiful,” Longmire said.



Jake Bowey isn’t much, but don’t judge the book by its cover. He’s tough as hard! Defender Demons, who famously won his first 17 matches, fought significantly over his weight division when he faced Tom McCartin for the ground ball. Bowey gave 25 kg to Swan and went low and hard to McCartin to cut the game in half and keep the game closed in the front half of his team. Full credit also to McCartin, who was equally devoted to the ball. They both clashed hard, but with strong technology, neither left open contact from head height.


Kysaiah Pickett is one of those players who can impress without big numbers. He showed that in the first semester with one of the better neighborhoods with two possessions you will see. He was the architect of two targets, the first of which came after he jumped out of heavy traffic with blinking fingers to build Luke Jackson. He didn’t get stats for his second game when he had the presence of mind and kept the ball in play at the border, which allowed Gawn to really snatch.

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