Frontman Hedley Jacob Hoggard was convicted of violent rape

Canadian rock musician Jacob Hoggard was found guilty of violently raping a young woman, but was acquitted a second time of sexual assault – all on a new, third charge of sexual assault.

After a month-long trial and six days of deliberations, a Toronto jury delivered its verdict on Sunday night in a court hearing hearing the testimony of both victims about their alleged violent encounters with Hoggard, the former frontman of the Canadian rock band Hedley.

While a closed jury advised, there were reports that Hoggard had been charged in March with a third alleged sexual assault after a woman filed and accused the singer of rape when she was 19 years old.

The court did not inform the jury of the new accusation.

On Sunday, the 37-year-old man was found guilty of sexually assaulting and injuring a Ottawa woman who testified that Hoggard raped her in 2016, when she was less than 20 years old.

In that case, the woman testified that she had teamed up with Hoggard on Tinder and that she knew she was meeting him in Toronto for sex, but that she did not agree with the events that had taken place.

She told the court that Hoggard had raped her anal, vaginally and orally without a condom, suffocated her so hard she couldn’t breathe, and dragged her to the bathroom by the feet. “I thought he might kill me,” she told the court. After she apologized in the following days, Hoggard blocked her number.

Hoggard’s jury acquitted him of two other charges – sexual touching of a minor and sexual assault causing injury – concerning the young plaintiff.

The young woman testified that Hoggard touched her behind the scenes of the arena when she was 15, and then raped her when she was 16.

She said that shortly after reaching the age of 16, she met Hoggard in a hotel room in Toronto, where he raped her orally and vaginally and tried to rape her anally. The jury did not convict him of these allegations.

In both cases, Hoggard argued that “passionate sex” was consensual. Both women did not know each other.

Hoggard admitted that he had lied to teenagers for months to have sex with her, and said he loved her and wanted to have a future with her. However, the plaintiffs were prohibited from using terms such as “grooming” and “lure” in court.

While testifying in his defense, Hoggard admitted that he had lied to both of his prosecutors.

When asked when he was lying in the rostrum, he told the court: “To be honest, I lied in the past to get out of awkward situations and cheat on my girlfriend, hoping he wouldn’t find out. and I’m not proud of it, but this is a completely different ball game. “

In Canada, the term “sexual assault” is a broad term that includes rape as well as sexual touching and harassment, such as slapping one’s buttocks. Allegations of sexual assault are measured at severity levels; level 2 – as in the case of Hoggard – refers to sexual assault causing bodily harm.

Unlike the United States, jury proceedings in Canada are secret and jurors cannot talk about their individual verdicts.

Women’s names are protected by a ban on publishing.

The sentence and bail conditions prior to the sentencing have not yet been decided.

Hoggard is due to appear in court on August 4 in the case of a third woman.

Information and support for anyone involved in rape or sexual abuse is available from the following organizations. In the US, Rainn offers support at 800-656-4673. In the United Kingdom, Rape Crisis offers support on 0808 802 9999. In Australia, support is available at 1800Respect (1800 737 732). Additional international helplines can be found at

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