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Riverdale Boss discusses the great victims of a musical episode, the future of Betty and Archie and Cheryla’s new love

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Sunday Riverdale.

This week Riverdale featured songs from american psychopath… And it’s over also the demise of the American psychopath.

The 6th series music episode focused on a serial killer fan convention that Betty had prepared to lure an elusive garbage bag killer. It worked, TBK mocked “Pretty Betty” during the panel before tying Alice and Charles at Cooper’s house and preparing a candlelit dinner for Betty in the garage. Betty aimed her gun at the killer – to record her father’s gun – and demanded that he take off his mask, but TBK only wanted to cut Alice and Charles with it and say, “We’re soul mates.” But Betty stood firm (“I’m nothing like you.” ) and shot the man, finally ending his reign of terror.

The arrival of TBK in Betty evoked a lot of feelings and almost pushed Archie away as she felt her dark side creeping in. (Plus, Agent Drake revealed out of nowhere that Betty was attracted to her, which Betty politely declined … We noticed she still dreamed of her.) It was a busy hour, so we turned around Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to tell us what it means for Betty and Archie’s future relationship, what the deal is with Agent Drake, and whether Cheryl has found true love with Heather. In addition, the EP teases a “very big swing” in the finals that will take place Riverdalelast season.

TVLINE | So Betty killed the garbage bag killer and closed this chapter. But we never saw him unmasked!
We talked about it a lot in the room. We talked about the last scene with TBK and Betty and if TBK should wear his mask. In the end, we felt it was the truest representation of who TBK was and what it represented for Betty. So he was very aware that he had not revealed his face there. But remember, we saw him working on the construction site for Archie.

TVLINE | The meeting with TBK led Betty to almost push Archie away, but he stayed by her side and re-committed themselves to their relationship. But are they still on uncertain ground because of Betty’s doubts about her dark side?
I’d say they’re on the hardest ground they’ve ever been to. It’s funny to say that in a musical episode, but my favorite scene is the last scene with KJ [Apa] and Lili [Reinhart]. They play it so beautifully and I feel like they came to such a great, great place. They are on solid ground. I don’t think this is the end of Betty’s dealing with all her emotional and psychological traumas and anxieties and fears about who her father made her and how Alice set her on gas. But as for her relationship with Archie, I think she’s letting it flourish and she’s not guessing so much. This is one of my favorite aspects of the episode, and I love that Veronica is the one who helped her.

TVLINE | Agent Drake has admitted that she is attracted to Betty, and Betty seems to have considered this at some level, albeit subconsciously. Is the door completely closed?
We haven’t seen the last Agent Drake, but we protect Betty and Archie very much. We love the weird, wild curve where Agent Drake says, “You’re attracted to me.” We definitely didn’t want to compromise or create drama where there would be no drama. But it seemed real, in the sense, “I don’t have to worry about my darkness [Drake] like I do with Archie. “Even if Betty doesn’t really enjoy it, she’ll resonate with Betty. We tried to thread a needle on it. Even though I talked to Lili about this story, Lili said very wisely and we agreed,” I don’t want to. cheating Archie. “And I say,” No, no, no, no, no. “But that doesn’t stop someone from flirting with you or attracting you. It happens. So we got it right.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17 Cheryl HeatherTVLINE | Cheryl was dropped by the engagement of Toni and Fangs, but she bounced off with Heather and they took the next step. Is this the beginning of something real for Cheryl?
Yeah, it’s definitely an emotional opening she hasn’t allowed herself in a while. In a strange way, Cheryl’s story kind of reflects Betty’s story, because they held back a little and didn’t fully allow their emotions to lead, for fear of being hurt or hurting. So I think this episode is a moment of adolescence, or a kind of appreciation of where it is, and a real self.

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 17 PercivalTVLINE | Percival is preparing for this “truly biblical” revenge on Archie and the gang, but I noticed that as he tried to control the minds of all those construction workers, his nose began to bleed a little. Do we see a weakness in Percival?
Yeah, we just see more of his abilities and the limits of his abilities. But let me promise you: As we head to the finals, it will be stronger, not weaker. We have [five episodes] go, and they’re crazy! Another is perhaps my favorite of the season.

TVLINE | Jughead still hears voices in the bunker, so we haven’t seen much of him this week. But he’ll show up before the end of the season, right?
Oh, definitely! In the next episode, we begin a very, very extensive story with Jughead.

TVLINE | We now know that next season will be the last season. How that decision was made and what you are planning Riverdalelast run?
This emerged from interviews with the studio and The CW and [CEO] Mark Pedowitz. When we were reinstated for season 7, although we were not told it would be our last season at the time, I think we all felt it could be. When Mark and I talked about it … it was bittersweet. That means we’re so proud of the run we went through, and the phone call came as we worked on the last episode of Season 6. We debated the final rhythms of this episode and tossed between a very big swing and a calmer end. And it definitely encouraged us to go into a big swing for season 7. It’s really exciting.

Riverdale fans, take the stand in the comments and give us your opinion on this week’s music episode and predictions of what will happen next.

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