The Wrap - New MacBooks, USB iPhone and Sony headphones - Pickr

The Wrap – New MacBooks, USB iPhone and Sony headphones – Pickr

This week at The Wrap, you’ll hear about the latest MacBooks, what’s coming in iOS 16 for your iPhone, and how those iPhones will change with decisions in Europe. And we’ll see if the latest best noise canceling headphones are still the best with a review of the Sony WH-1000XM5 of all five.

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In mid-June 2022 you are listening to The Wrap, Australia’s fastest technology digest, and we hope you enjoyed a nice weekend, maybe an extended weekend, but last week was so rich in technology news, I really can’t waste another moment, so let’s get stuck in your five minutes of technique.

Let’s start with what everyone has in mind: Apple.

It took a few days, but all the juicy announcements came at the beginning when the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference WWDC started, which basically confirmed one of the main announcements that we hinted at. Laptops. Apple has them and upgraded them, so we hope you’ve delayed buying your laptop until now because there are more options.

One of Apple’s biggest announcements at the conference was its first, with news of its new M2 chip following the M1 two years ago. You can still find the M1 and its variants all over the place and it’s in one of our favorite laptops, the M1 MacBook Air.

It will still be part of Apple’s line of laptops and probably its cheapest model for $ 1,500 locally. But for a little more for $ 1,900, Apple has a redesigned MacBook Air that looks more like last year’s Pro computers and with a slightly larger screen, MagSafe docking connector support, and a new chip.

The new chip is a continuation of M1 and will be called M2. It is slightly faster than what is in the second Air, offers more memory support, which increases from 16 GB max to 24 GB, and is obviously similar to a 10-core PC chip in a smaller size with less power requirements. This could make the new Air a real portable force to be reckoned with, but it will not be the only M2 system.

While there’s no word on whether the M1 Mac Mini will see the M2 sequel, the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be available, albeit a little confusing. The price is slightly higher and has the same design as its predecessor, retains the OLED touch bar and has a larger battery, starting at just under two thousand. The 13-inch MacBook Pro seems confusing, as the new Air like last time will probably be what people are thinking, but it’s basically a version with a little more cooling, created for people who want the performance of a MacBook Pro, but not necessarily the cost.

This is also not Apple’s only big announcement. Ventura has a new ace version of macOS, plus new watchOS 9 and 16 dials. IOS and iPadOS will also arrive later this year, improving multitasking, international video translation, when you pause what you’re watching, changes to how surround sound works, if you have the right headphones, and a lock screen on the iPhone that is much more customizable.

It’s not unlike what Android owners have had for ages, but it will mean more fonts, clocks, and ways to make your lock screen nice, and even time it to fit any focus mode you’re in.

And when we’re focused on the iPhone, let’s talk about how it looks like it’s going to change because you know the socket port at the bottom? This is likely to change for good soon.

Apple’s Lightning port is now ten years old and there is another port that everyone else uses: USB C. In fact, it is used so much that the EU has decided to turn USB Type C into a single-port device that it must use from 2024. This will include Apple, which suggests that the iPhone maker will make its USB C phones specifically for Europe – which is unlikely – or that everyone will get a USB iPhone in the next two years.

Seriously, Lightning is 10 years old this year. We wouldn’t be shocked if Apple cared about it when launching the iPhone 14 and switched to USB C on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

But right now we’re reviewing something related to the phone, but only in the title. Specifically, headphones, if we look at the Sony WH-1000XM5, the fifth iteration of Sony noise-canceling headphones and their most expensive so far.

They cost between 550 and 650 in Australia, are Sony’s most expensive silencers to date and sound as good as ever. Expect a warm, rich sound with lots of bass and some of the best suppression yet.

These things are simply stellar and thanks to the new design they are among the most comfortable headphones in the world. There’s a touchpad to control things, a good 30 hours of battery life and some adaptive cancellation.

So is it worth the price? Maybe. The problem with the XM5 is not much, it is really new. Not that they need anything, because they’re still great, but they just make their predecessors better.

The XM5s are clearly the new best, but if you could find the XM4 for less money, they would be just as great for less money.

So far, you’ve listened to The Wrap, Australia’s fastest technology summary. Each week you will find a new episode on Listener, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Have a nice week for now and see you next time at The Wrap. Stay safe, stay sensible and take care.

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