ActZero introduces threat detection and response for mobile devices

MENLO PARK, California, June 13, 2022 / CNW / – ActZero, a provider of continuous threat detection and artificial intelligence response, today announced the launch of its MDR solution for mobile devices – part of its growing portfolio of managed detection and response (MDR) services.

“I am pleased to be able to launch our MDR solution for mobile devices to expand our ability to continuously scan for threats across the surface of enterprise attacks,” he said. Chris Finan, President and Chief Operating Officer of ActZero. “We are seeing adversaries focusing more on mobile devices to gain access to the enterprise environment. Businesses must be able to quickly find and stop mobile threats before they extend into the enterprise network.”

According to Deloitte, reports indicate that 91% of all attacks start with phishing emails to unsuspecting victims. Estimates show that 60% of these emails are read on mobile devices. ActZero MDR for Mobile helps protect users by quickly identifying dangerous and suspicious phishing attempts by triggering alerts on the device and, if necessary, deploying controls on the device to mitigate risks. In addition, the service offers protection against man-in-the-middle attacks, unauthorized access point identification, unauthorized profile and configuration changes, malicious applications, and more.

Advanced threats require advanced security solutions to detect, investigate, and respond to attacks. ActZero MDR for Mobile provides the threat reporting and machine learning needed to stay ahead of mobile-focused adversaries. Users and administrators receive instant notifications of mobile threats along with detailed remediation instructions. Safety incident details and mobile hygiene reports are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the ActZero Customer Portal, providing the visibility needed to make informed decisions when prioritizing corrective action. ActZero MDR for Mobile can be installed in minutes, with no complex configuration requirements and minimal user interaction. The solution supports Apple, Android or Google Chrome mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Threat actors are known to target multiple vectors – including other endpoints, networks and the cloud – in addition to mobile devices. The data-based ActZero MDR platform helps protect against cross-vector threats by providing businesses with holistic, broad-based threat detection and comprehensive response across endpoints, mobile devices, networks, and a wide range of cloud SaaS and IaaS solutions. ActZero’s continuously tuned machine learning models can detect an entire attack faster than traditional detection and response solutions, precisely detecting threats earlier, wherever they may appear in the customer’s environment. And with 24/7 response capabilities, ActZero ensures that attacks are quickly managed and corrected, with instructions on how to prioritize and mitigate future risks.

For businesses that are confident in their current non-mobile coverage, ActZero MDR for Mobile is also available as a standalone service where protection against mobile device threats is required.

ActZero is a Gartner-recognized managed detection and response (MDR) service provider that offers round-the-clock threat protection, secures small and medium-sized businesses, and allows customers to cover more space in their cybersecurity efforts without taxing existing budgets and resources. We combine our core AI and ML technologies and processes with human threat detection and threat intelligence to detect and identify vulnerabilities and eliminate more threats in less time. We actively work with our customers to support security engineering, increase internal efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately build an advanced position in cybersecurity. Whether supporting an existing security strategy or building a primary line of defense, ActZero’s client-leading approach helps reduce unique risks and loopholes that could make a business vulnerable to attack.

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