The Morning After: Nothing's Carl Pei wants to make smartphones exciting again

The Morning After: Nothing’s Carl Pei wants to make smartphones exciting again

Carl Pei thinks there’s something wrong with the smartphone industry. Like many of us, Pei began to feel that new phones just aren’t as exceptional as devices five or 10 years ago.

He thinks big players have the same ideas in smartphone design. (Something true for at least ten years.) And that’s where his new company, Nothing, comes on the scene. Pei wants to return a bit of originality to mobile technology design. “Maybe we could muffle our brains a little and strengthen our intuition,” Pei said. Take a look at ours the whole conversation with former co-founder of OnePlus.


While we haven’t tested the device properly yet, Nothing Phone 1 is now available to pre-order – all you need is an invitation. A word of warning: Nothing has said that Phone 1 will not officially come to North America after the beta version for a handful of private community investors. The device should work, but it will not have full support.

Me? Well, I live in the UK. Forgive me.

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The biggest stories you may have missed

Unlike the news, it is still at an early stage.

At Cannes Lions Festival, Ted Sarandos co-director confirmed that Netflix is ​​adding a layer supported by lower-priced advertising. He stressed that this option would not bring ads to Netflix “as you know it today” – as with competitors like Peacock, you will still be able to avoid marketing altogether.

Sarandos did not give further details. However, Wall Street Journal He said Google and NBCUniversal are the “best candidates” to help Netflix create an ad plan. A Netflix spokesman told Engadget that the company was “in the early days” of developing an ad-based layer and had not yet resolved its approach. At present, these are all “speculations”, the representative added.

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With new chip and display.

In his latest newsletter, Power On BloombergMark Gurman says Apple is preparing a new HomePod speaker that will look and sound similar to the original 2018 model. As you may recall, the company discontinued the HomePod in 2021 without announcing a direct replacement. According to Gurman, the new model may include an upcoming Apple S8 chip and an updated display on the top of the speaker, which may include a multi-touch feature. While the original had a display of its kind, it did not actually show information other than Siri’s “sphere.”

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It postponed the FDA’s ban on its drop pens and pods.

Juul successfully persuaded the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to postpone the Food and Drug Administration’s ban on its products. The agency recently banned Juul from selling and distributing his e-cigarette pens and capsules in the US after a comprehensive two-year review.

Despite Juul’s allegation that the administration ban was “arbitrary and arbitrary,” the FDA said it banned the company’s products because it had not provided sufficient evidence to show that potentially harmful chemicals did not leach from its proprietary capsules into user-inhaled fumes.

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The largest bacterium discovered is visible to the naked eye

Thiomargarita magnifica is as long as a human algae.



The bacterium classified as the largest ever discovered does not need any special tools to be visible to the naked eye. Thiomargarita magnifica, as it is called, has a fiber-like appearance and may be as long as a human algae. The BBC explained that it is larger than some more complex organisms, such as small flies, mites and worms.

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