Kangaroo coach review "very unlikely to survive" because the club says "we'll work it out"

Kangaroo coach review “very unlikely to survive” because the club says “we’ll work it out”

According to Jon Ralph of Fox Footy, North Melbourne coach David Noble is “very unlikely to survive” the club’s assessment, which began on Monday.

Ralph, led by longtime AFL administrator Geoff Walsh, warned that Noble could end up as a poisoned Blues mentor David Teague after Carlton’s review in 2021.

Kangaroos are once again at the bottom of the rankings, for the second season in a row – while only Adelaide finished lower in 2020 than Roos.

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North Melbourne has only one victory on the board in 2022 – against the greatly exhausted West Coast team, which had to withdraw players from WAFL to build a fit team.

Under Noble, Roos managed only five wins out of 36 matches.

“It was described as a summary of the separation of the legs,” said Ralph On the Couch.

“Expectations are clear that David Noble is unlikely to survive.”

“There are so many problems, but they are basically hidden in the eyes – game plan, morale, development.

“Carlton will tell you that they bought from Geoff Walsh last year for their review. ‘Anyone who knows anything about this knows that the decision was made to remove David Teague long before that. There must be something similar here. “

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Ralph said Walsh’s review could be the “evidence” North needs to “move his coach forward” – despite a recent Zoom presentation with fans that saw club leaders pushing Noble as the man to lead.

North Melbourne President Sonja Hood explained the purpose of the revision in a letter to members Monday night.

“By the 15th round, with no apparent improvement, patience among our supporters and members is, of course, waning,” she wrote.

“We have always known that this year will be difficult, but the extent of our losses is deeply worrying.

“This morning I met Geoff Walsh, who joins us as a consultant and will be part of the football department next month. The football department has undergone huge changes over the last few years, both in terms of personnel and structural.

“Geoff was given the task of helping us understand where this change works and where it doesn’t.”

She later said: “The strength of this club is in its people – in all of us. And we will solve it. As always. Together.”

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Fox Footy’s Garry Lyon said there was a clear need for change in North Melbourne because of their problems.

“(Noble’s future in the review) not everything is going well, as you would suggest, “he said.

“They seem to be wrong.” They have to make some changes.

“They need someone to take control of the ship.”

Nick Riewoldt asked why the club decided for Walsh to conduct a review – given that he is a former CEO of the club.

But Ralph was convinced that the “highly regarded” Walsh could achieve the results the club needed.

“It gets to the heart of the problem because it’s a pretty tough old bastard and maybe that’s what you need,” he said.

Just last week, Eddie McGuire warned Walsh not to “come sing Kumbaya” when he arrived at the football club.

It was a difficult season for Kangaroos in 2022, both on and off the field, and three key recruiters and riots last month left Jason Horne-Francis’ award-winning draft.

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